You May Like This: GRIT



GRITnew demo out via Distr-Oi! Records

What you may need to know…

01. Hailing from Dublin, GRIT deliver seething female-fronted Oi! punk.

02. Consisting of members of RATS BLOOD and Burnchurch, the band debuted this past July at a gig in Grangegorman, followed by the digital self-release of their eponymously-titled demo.

03. The demo is streaming above in its entirety, available for streaming and download.

04. Sligo-based label and distro Distr-Oi! (an imprint of metal label Distro-y) have just announced the band will be releasing the demo on vinyl later on this year.

VERDICT: Challenging the predominantly male narrative of Oi!/punk in general, GRIT’s visceral disgust at the state of Irish society is not so much a breath of fresh air as a much-needed fist to the face.


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