Seán writes`;

I just wanted to send this picture to you to show that there are some extremely kind and generous individuals who work for Dublin Bus. I witnessed this moment of kindness on Sunday afternoon on George’s Street [Dublin 2] when a driver for Dublin Bus was tying an elderly person’s shoelace who was unable to do so himself. Really great to see.

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55 thoughts on “In Fairness

  1. Scundered

    And there are many drivers who tailgate you when cycling, though I don’t have a photo of that obviously.

    But fair play to that driver.

    1. stev

      Cyclists are generally the ones who are the problem. I have no data to back that up but I’m pretty sure it’s a fact.

    2. mauriac

      bus drivers go mental sometimes.I was cut off by one which came very close to hitting me . I caught up with him and entered the bus to give out ( we exchanged expletives a la Blatter and Delaney ) . He claimed I’d run a red light so attempted murder was OK ? Glad I F’d him out of it as he’ll think twice about picking on defenseless cyclists.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Entitled. As. Fupp.

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the common cyclist is much more likely to disregard the Rules of the Road than a man who’s livelihood depends on him tolerating and dealing with their wreckless disregard for their own lives.

          Maybe it just me.

  2. Starina

    loads of them have taken pity on me when i dont quite have enough change. most are alright as long as you’re not a cyclist

    1. Turgenev

      Most of them are grand if you are a cyclist, in fact. Dublin Bus drivers are generally careful and courteous when you’re cycling.

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    ‘Eh, sorry I’m late Boss…the bus-driver had to tie someones lace for them.’
    -‘That’s okay, take the rest of the day off. You must be in shock.’

    Only messing…
    I love Dublin Bus drivers.

    The nicest man I ever knew drives a bus.

  4. Cat Lady

    In fairness I’ve had so many more deadly experiences with Dublin Bus drivers like this than anything negative. And I’m a city centre cyclist.

    Fair Play in Fairness

        1. SB

          Hmm, yes, maybe he’s tying the laces on both shoes together for a lark…? Would certainly give rise to some shuffling

  5. Bunt Curns

    that’s great they really deserve that pay rise to earn as much as a software an engineer because they are kind and they drive a bus like, they are one of us, nothing fancy like

    1. ahjayzis

      Awww, you’re so charitable, little man.

      I think the important thing is we make you feel less inadequate by making people poorer than they need to be.

        1. jonjo

          depends on the application of said code…
          If you’re writing a device driver for the fuel pump on a Leyland – you’re more important the driver :)

  6. 15 cent

    bus drivers arent usually sound at all, so a small gesture like this stands out, when it should really be the norm

  7. Patricia

    It sicken’s me that people are so shallow with there comments. Would any of those people even have notice the man. No of course not, because they would have been rushing somewhere, whether on their bikes r walking maybe they would have even pushed the man in there plight to get where there going. The type of people who think the world owes them something.

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