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          1. Nigel

            Country Boy is the 28th studio album released by Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell in 2008. The album consists of covers of popular country songs, including duets with Charley Pride and Loretta Lynn.

  1. petey

    that fact that this is coming from you leaves me confident in its veracity. but since i don’t live in ireland, two questions for now. is it compulsory to take it? and how many persons in total have received the vaccine in ireland? i’ve seen the number 200,000. is that right?

  2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Hold on a minute…

    The Irish Times, on the left-hand side, under the headline,
    – ‘FF To Vote For Appeal On Apple Tax Ruling’

    The last paragraph is very funny…

    Mary Harney, welcome back.
    – What demon reanimated you?

    1. :-Joe

      lol, but wtf… she was a minister for enterprise and emplyment, really?

      I thought she was playing the part of evil head nurse a la One Flew Over The Cukoo’s nest.


  3. Harry Molloy

    It turns out Donnelly did want to join government after the election but was overruled.

    I always thought it was a really bad idea not doing so, to use that overused analogy of being hurlers on the ditch.

    1. Neilo

      Better to be ideologically pure on the opposition benches than tainted by the dirty business of government.

        1. Harry Molloy

          nope. I don’t see that as an excuse for spending your career on the opposition benches either.

          Donelly has said it should be the ambition of every parliamentarian to sit in government and I agree.

          not everyone would.

          1. Nigel

            What’s the point if you’re just going to get absorbed by the Borg collective of the main party and your own nascent party gets wrecked because of main party decisions while the main party shrugs and carries on? The only indies who can survive that arrangement are cute-hoor parish-pump political payers with rock-solid bases like the Healy-Raes. The only people who can break that stranglehold is the electorate.

          2. Harry Molloy

            What you’ve stated can, and has happened. But it doesn’t have to be the case.

            What’s the point in setting up yet another minority party if all it will do is sit across the house?

            In any case, if the trend continues the vote will be so fragmented that coalition is the only option, as seen in our current minority government.
            you can join in or sit on the sidelines.

          3. Nigel

            Whats the point in setting up a minority party if it immediately gets eaten alive? The dichotomy of dive into government t the first chance or sit on the sidelines is a false one. Small parties need time in opposition to establish themselves and build support. Denigrating them for it will contribute to ensuring we never have any viable alternatives.

          4. Harry Molloy

            it will only get eaten alive if no one votes for it in the next election so it’s not a foregone conclusion.

            I see where you’re coming from but we’re probably not going to change each others opinion anyway :-)

  4. :-Joe

    The Times IRL edition…

    “A man who used a Catholic anti-abortion agency to try to illegally adopt a baby almost 20 years ago is connected to a string of new agencies operating across Ireland and the UK under a different name, The Times can reveal.

    Yesterday an undercover investigation by this newspaper exposed a Catholic anti-abortion group that has been linked with a crisis pregnancy agency in Dublin. A counsellor at the Women’s Centre at 9 Berkeley Street in Dublin 7 was secretly filmed telling a woman that abortion can cause breast cancer and turn women into child abusers.”

    Am I in some kind of weird long hallucinogenic experience…. or is this all real?


    1. Starina

      Christians know what’s best for everyone else. They know what babies they should adopt, what should be done with paedo priests and what should be done with uppity women’s uteri. And it’s not lying if it’s for Jesus.

  5. The Real Jane

    I’d like to point out that no woman or girl should treat Zuppy or any of his links seriously as a source of health or welfare information. The issue that these lads have withe HPV vaccine is that they think that, by lowering the risk of cervical cancer (which can be sexually transmitted) they’re increasing the risk of promiscuity.

    Zuppy and the people whose views he promotes are not interested in the health or welfare of women. Please do not take any advice he offers seriously. It could put you at risk.

    1. The Real Jane

      I have no connection with any part of the healthcare industry. I am, however, passionate about women’s rights and women’s health and make no apologies for it. You, on the other hand, are interested in neither.

      1. Zuppy International

        So injecting all children with poison is ok with you? Even when some of those poisons are manufactured using cells from other dead children? What do you say to the hundreds of Irish girls adversely affected by the HPV vaccine? In your opinion, how many more of them have to get chronically ill before this barbaric practice is unacceptable?

        BTW I didn’t ask you about your connections to the healthcare industry, I asked you about your connections to the abortion industry. Is organized murder now considered healthcare? (Orwellian or what).

      2. The Real Jane

        I don’t have any connection with any healthcare provider. Also, I haven’t seen any reputable evidence that there is a problem with the HPV vaccine. I have seen that you attached a video, but obviously I won’t be watching that. Even if I was not at work I wouldn’t be interested in watching it.

      3. ReproBertie

        “As for the MMR, if you must vaccinate, the best advice seems to be make it one separate vaccine at a time. Combing them seems to cause real problems. (Check Wakefield at al).”

        Check discredtied fraudster Andrew Wakefield? The man who invented the totally false MMR/autism link?

      4. The Real Jane

        Separate vaccines is terrible advice. They result in very extended vaccine time frames and unfinished, incomplete vaccinations. There is no evidence of any kind that it is safer in any way. It’s more expensive, more time consuming and extends the period for which children are vulnerable.

        I know most people are aware of this, but just in case anyone is being convinced by Zuppy (a very unlikely scenario, I know), the diseases that the MMR vaccinates against are potentially very serious indeed. The MMR is very, very widely used and reports a vanishingly small number of complications across the vaccinated population. It is really important that you vaccinate your children if you can. If in doubt, speak to your GP and ignore people like Zuppy.

      5. rory

        Wakefield was found guilty by the General Medical Council of serious professional misconduct and was struck off the Medical Register.
        Wakefield’s paper on the subject was fully retracted by the Lancet and described as utterly false by the editor in chief.

        The MMR Vaccine does not cause autism.
        Idea’s to the contrary had been popularised in the States, which resulted in lower vaccination rates and a significant increase in cases of Measles.

        The falsehoods you are spreading are dangerous.

    2. Nigel

      I’m morbidly curious as to how Zuppy thinks a connection between alleged adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine and the ‘abortion industry’ either operates or is relevant to whether there are significant adverse reactions.

      1. The Real Jane

        If you give the HPV vaccine, slutty girls go out and get pregnant and have abortions. The genetic material for the abortion is used to make the HPV vaccine. It’s like a non-virtuous circle with Evil Women colluding with Evil Pharma to undermine the family and also do lots of murders.

        NB, I think this is crazy but apparently it’s the theory.

      2. The Real Jane

        On past performance, it’s more likely he’d put up a video by someone describing themselves as the No.1 Official Independent Institute for Totally Real Science which explains how ladies’ shameful parts are all connected and how immoral thoughts make you all cancery and stuff.

      3. Zuppy International

        Jane, you’re still telling lies about me. If this is the way you ‘win’ debates then you have no ‘real’ argument.

        Vaccines, as discussed in the video I linked to, are manufactured using stem cells from aborted children. This makes them intrinsically dangerous to human health, but, thanks to state supports and mandates, they are also extremely profitable.

        HPV and chronic pain, MMR and Autism: check the facts for your selves. Don’t rely on me or any Jane (real or otherwise) to make your mind up for you.

        Get your own mind thinking.

      4. fluffybiscuits

        @Zuppy was this all done by the giant lizards? The same people shot JFK and the moon landings were faked by them. In fact…the moon landings were a cover up for alien abortions carried out and they infected us all with the alien stem cells and we all become alien from the inside out


      5. ReproBertie

        When Zuppy says “check the facts” he means “look at websites that back up what I claim, not the ones that disagree”.
        Human stem cells are now “intrinscially dnagerous to human health”.

      6. The Real Jane

        In any event, I cannot find a single reputable source for the statement that the HPV vaccine is made out of stem cells gathered from abortions.

        So that’s probably made up like the thoroughly disproven link between autism and MMR which Zuppy has humiliated himself by promoting today.

      7. ReproBertie

        What’s particularly enlightening about Vaxxed is that it’s directed by Andrew Wakefield who was the source of the long discredited claim about vaccines and autism which were published in an “utterly false” paper in 1998. Wakefield was subsequently barred from practicing medicine in the UK. In a high court appeal against the striking off of Prof John Walker-Smith, one of the researchers on the paper the judge said that “the GMC panel failed to address whether Prof Walker-Smith had been doing research or simply investigating symptoms to help treat children” and reversed the striking off.

        That changed nothing about the fradulent claims Wakefield had made though. “As Mr Justice Mitting observed in his judgement, ‘There is now no respectable body of opinion which supports (Dr Wakefield’s) hypothesis, that MMR vaccine and autism/enterocolitis are causally linked’.


      8. Nigel

        Need New Body is an avant garde music collective band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and beyond, numerous members of which have gone on to become members of the band Man Man.

      9. Nigel

        Fire Maple Games is a game development studio known for creating “The Secret of Grisly Manor,” which has reached #1 paid iPhone app in 16 stores and has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times.[1] This success was replicated by their later release “The Lost City.

      10. Nigel

        Peter I (died 1214), of the Serra family, was the eldest son and successor of Barisone II of Arborea, reigning from 1186 to his death. His mother was Barisone’s first wife, Pellegrina de Lacon. He was crowned King of Sardinia, the title his father had used, with the support of a majority of the Arborean nobility.

  6. Starina

    Is nobody else frustrated that the two headlines at the moment are “government says no to Apple money” and “hospitals have no beds even for urgent brain surgeries” and nobody is drawing a line between the two?

  7. ReproBertie

    More lies and fearmongering from the Wakefield fan.

    “While there is no doubt of the severity of the illnesses experienced by many young girls – and we all sympathise with the very distressing situations these families find themselves in – their fears over the vaccine are unfounded.
    These illnesses existed in males and females of various ages long before the public vaccination programme started in 2010 and, unfortunately, continue to develop in vaccinated and unvaccinated people at the same rate. National and international examination of these conditions by independent expert groups responsible for the safety of medicines disproves any link between the HPV vaccine, or any other vaccine, and these medical conditions.
    The largest of these studies has looked at the rates of illness among over 80 million people who have received over 200 million doses of HPV vaccine and compared the rates of these illnesses with unvaccinated people. No difference in the rates of serious illnesses occurring in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals has been found.”


    1. Zuppy International

      A self-serving article by the Cancer industry? No thanks.

      Wakefield did a good job on Vaxxed. It’s a polemic, yes, but the testimony of the families, the scientists and journalists interviewed is devastating while the silence from the government bodies protecting big pharma is very telling. Exponential growth of autism since the introduction of vaccination programmes: From 1 in 10,000 in the 1930’s to 1 in 50 today and projected to be almost 1 in 2 by 2030. No studies comparing vaxed and unvaxed children. Why? Probably because a successful vaccine is worth billions every year.

      What’s the daily rate for a pharma shill do you reckon?

      1. ReproBertie

        “A self-serving article by the Cancer industry? No thanks.” but you’ll happily take the word of a self-serving proven fraud?

        “As Mr Justice Mitting observed in his judgement, ‘There is now no respectable body of opinion which supports (Dr Wakefield’s) hypothesis, that MMR vaccine and autism/enterocolitis are causally linked’.


  8. rory

    This isn’t a debate. This is you spreading falsehoods that have potentially dangerous repercussions.
    The MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism.

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