15 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

    1. Twunt

      This will knock several points from her vote. No presidential candidate would let this go, and if she splutterers, stammeers, flaps or farts on the media will be all over it. If she does it during a televised debate – game over.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Mehole Martin is amazing. He’s worried about the “political capital” which has been lost in this outrageous farce. What about the ACTUAL capital, now in the billions, which has been squandered in FF and FG’S attempt to commandeer a public resource for private gain?

      1. :-Joe

        Was this meant to be in reply to @rory’s comment…?

        “Mehole Martin”.. haha.. I’ll be using that one if u don’t mind.


        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Thanks ‘Joe’, that was sooo educational, I’m all but crushed :-) Any thoughts at all on the substance of the post? I doubt it.

    1. Bob

      All she needs to do is live until the election and beat Trump. If necessary, they can do a “Weekend At Bernies” on her.

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