Cool Hand Lucan writes:

Outside El Court Ingles in Madrid [Spain]. They appear to have already taken the St Patrick’s Cross out of the Union Jack before a Northern Ireland border poll is commissioned. A sign of things to come?


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21 thoughts on “Any Old Iron?

  1. louislefronde

    N’Iron….or Narnia……perhaps that’s what they should call the six counties as opposed to Blarnia for the 26!

  2. Orla

    Louis, do you have anything positive to say about Ireland? You choose to live here, no-one’s keeping you here with ball and chain.

    France isn’t such a wonderful place to live these days, precarious to say the least.

      1. Orla

        Janet, he’s always claimed to be French and I for one am sick of him making negative remarks about my country when his own is no great shakes.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I maybe wrong, pretty sure he told me that sometime over a French discussion but you don’t have to put France down to make your point though.. gone native sorry

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Classter I concur, actually most of Europe is fantastic, that’s why people want to build futures here for thier children and if they were integrated properly they might not feel like blowing it up in frustration.

    1. spudnick

      Where would we be without his smouldering avatar delivering crushingly dull daily statements of the obvious, ‘something-must-be-done’s and ‘questions-must-be-raised’s?

      1. Orla

        @ Spud

        It’s oh so easy for him to critique Ireland and all it’s failings – Louis, I’d be much more interested in your suggestions of how France is going to pull itself out of the massive quagmire it and it’s people find themselves in lately – please advise asap.

          1. Orla

            Classter, you’re the ulimate fountain of info, I applaud thee.

            Have you tried cbeebies? Would be more to your level, Steptoe.

          2. classter

            Anytime, Orla. I’d be more RTEjr and even Nickelodeon than cbeebies

            On a (mildly) more serious note, I’d love to see English language editions of lots of reputable foreign language newspapers, lemonde included. Der Spiegel does it but I’m not aware of any others. I guess I could just use ctrl-c,ctrl-v and google translate…

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