18 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. spudnick

    Three front pages for the Great British Bake-off. Come, friendly bombs, etc. Sad to see the Daily Express isn’t one of them, but they’re probably still narked that a brown lass in a headscarf won it once.

    1. classter

      What’s with the British need to append British to light entertainment?

      Great British Bakeoff, Great British Menu, etc.

      Is it insecurity or what?

          1. classter

            ha yea, so they can sneak in some nice stuff by disguising it as British terrine of British duck served with British brioche

      1. The Real Jane

        I think it’s a hangover from the Tony Blaiship when they also developed the habit (copied here too often to my immense regret and utter disdain) of describing everything as “THE PEOPLE’S”.

  2. Sido

    Forget the Irish Daily Mail (how could you) This is my schadenfreude read of the day so far from the UK DM “He’s angry, vengeful – and broken by the loss of power: So is it next stop New York for Dave and Samantha?”

    Contains the smirkable – “Or so he believed when he was chatting to friends at a fireside supper at Chequers earlier this year – long before the Brexit vote that detonated his career – where guests included a British writer recently returned from a stint in New York.
    Cameron’s wife Samantha was grilling the writer’s companion about life in Manhattan and where the best districts were to live. ‘The message from that evening was that after years of putting himself first, when the time arrived for him to leave power the Prime Minister was going to let Sam call the shots,’ says a friend.

    My sides! – “In fact, it has already caused a grave social complication. For Cameron had expected to spend the summer drawing up the guest list for his 50th birthday party next month. This is not as straightforward as it would once have been. For he has purged from the list those former close friends who backed Leave, and whom he blames for destroying his premiership.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new..

  3. Harry Molloy

    I still love the Commitments. Dublin looks like a sewer and it’s fully of hammy performances, the horse killed in the crossfire is a bit of a joke too, but it’s just magic.

    Always tingled when they play Try a Little Tenderness at the end.

    Hansard sounds like a bit of a bell though.

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