Anomanomanom writes:

This is why we love the GAA. Can’t get a ticket? You can buy these cheap cheap [All-Ireland football final] tickets. And yes it is the GAA who cause this, they have a ridiculous ticket allocation system….


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44 thoughts on “Need A Ticket?

    1. Anomanomanom

      Im all for buying and selling, its supply and demand. But how do theses sites/people get so many tickets to sell at these prices. Iv been to games with a couple of 100 people yet can’t get a ticket. Every time Dublin start doing well these never seen supporters manage to get tickets.

      1. Redacted

        Considering the attendance at the Semi Finals only one sold out, ticket demand rockets for the final regardless of the counties involved.

        As for the GAA system, just ask for a photo of the tickets, the GAA will cancell and re-issue them to a good home.

      2. Vote Rep #1

        Whats wrong with the ticket allocation system? It favours the people who go the club and league games, you know, the ones that nobody really wants to go to. If you are willing to go see the Dubs, Mayo or whoever play in some awful game in the depths of winter, you deserve to go see them in nice surroundings of Croker in the autumn.

        1. Anomanomanom

          Yes exactly. Expect people like me who go to the “poo” games now cant get tickets. This has happened before to people who go to games with me. Yet I know of people who miraculously got tickets because the family knows gaa people.

  1. Jonsmoke

    instead of complaining about the GAA’s distribution system and how it’s somebody else’s fault, why not do something about it?
    The market for reselling tickets at multiple times their value is there because people are willing to pay the price. Organise and boycott these reselling sites. Get enough people on board and refuse to pay the inflated prices, then the market will collapse.
    I don’t like GAA anyway, so it doesn’t bother me

    1. classter

      You are wrong on this one. This is the sort of problem which needs top-down action.

      It is a tricky problem but there is a lot the GAA could do.

  2. Metropolitan

    Anomanonmanom.. are you a GAA club member? Best way is always via your club, Mayo have one of the biggest support in the country and Dublin are obviously a glamour draw so tickets will always be hard to come by for this pairing. Unfortunately every club in the country gets a ticket allocation for the All-Ireland final and as this is Ireland someone somewhere will try to make a few quid.. it’s in our nature sadly. It is extremely unlikely that these tickets emanate from either Dublin or Mayo as it would be a very brave/foolhardly club secretary who deprive club members of a ticket for the sake of a few quid. I’d lay the blame quarely on embittered Kerry folk.

  3. PSpillane

    Tickets should go to club members all around Ireland, These are the people who volunteer their own free time and energy all year round, with little thanks or praise. These people are the cornerstone of the GAA, not the fair weather fans/consumers.
    There is also the option to buy a season ticket which rewards loyal supporters throughout the year with the option to buy a ticket for the final.
    If there was a good reason why you couldn’t avail of either of these avenues, then I do really hope you can get a ticket.

  4. AdvertisingOnPoliceCars

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  5. 15 cent

    the GAA is a microcosm of the Government. Take everything and give nothing back. When you see a packed Croke Park, and two teams passionately putting their bodies on the line .. and they aren’t paid a penny .. you have to wonder

    1. Redacted

      Other than the 75 Million euros reinvested by Croke Park in Club and training grants last year in all 32 counties, they have given back nothing right!

    2. The Real Jane

      “When you see a packed Croke Park, and two teams passionately putting their bodies on the line .. and they aren’t paid a penny .. you have to wonder”

      Well you don’t really, because it’s a voluntary organisation – if you’ve got to the stage where you’re playing or even if you have a passing interest, you know this.The money goes back into the clubs. That’s why they have far better facilities than any other sporting organisation in the country.

      1. 15 cent

        ah i knew someone would be in with the “they give money to the clubs” .. yea that makes it look like they give back alright, but those payments are not regular and come in lump pay-offs. they don’t pay the players is my point. those players play and train all year round now, just for the honour of representing their county, the GAA could afford to pay them but wont, so they put some money into clubs now n again, and still walk away very well off, but the players get nothin except oul lads shoutin at them if they see them in the pub durin the championship. oul lads who are throwin pints into themselves, and want these unpaid players to stay off the beer so they can go out and entertain them. the GAA is a rotten organisation full of corruption.

        1. classter

          Is the idea that players might do this for a reason other than additional earnings impossible to process?

          What would they do if there was no inter-county championship?

          Other than go to the gym and play junior football like every other pleb?

    3. DaithiG

      Yes, because professional sports in Ireland such as Soccer is a wonderful example.
      That John Delaney fella should be knighted.

      1. classter

        Can we keep Delaney out of this discussion.

        It is to be hoped that not every facet of Irish life need be dragged down to the level of Delaney et al.

  6. John

    There are no season tickets availabe for Mayo fans. Both schemes via Croke Park or Cairde Mayo are over subscribed. Tickets will be like hens teeth for this match

  7. JLK

    Are you sure? My dad has Mayo season tickets and got his final tickets in the post last week. Is there no new applications for Mayo allowed? Obv you have to apply early in the year and attend all league matches too

    1. ReproBertie

      There’s a limit to the number of season tickets available per county per code. If nobody in Mayo is giving up their season ticket at the end of the season then there’s no new ones available for next season. I’d be amazed if there are any being given up in Dublin.

      You have to attend 60% of your county’s total matches in the league and championship combined to qualify for All Ireland final tickets.

        1. ReproBertie

          I don’t mean there’s a limit to the number of All Ireland Final tickets given to season ticket holders. I mean there are only X Mayo football season tickets available (for example). Of those season tickets not all holders will qualify for All Ireland Final tickets.

          1. ReproBertie

            Definitely 60%

            “In the event that your county reaches the GAA Championship All-Ireland Final, only those dedicated supporters who have made good use of the GAA Season Ticket will be guaranteed entry. In order to qualify for an All-Ireland Final ticket you must attend 60% or more of the total number of matches your county plays in the League & Championship in 2016.”


  8. Alan

    Personally I’ve never had any issue getting a ticket but then I’m a club member and am actively involved with my club. I question how many of the “fans” looking for tickets have even attended a club match this year.

    1. Neilo

      @Alan: Any long-suffering fan that’s had to witness the annual mixed martial arts spectacular in Louth (AKA the senior club football final) deserves first crack at a ticket. In this way, we might at least see some ‘ball being played.

    2. ReproBertie

      Question away but it has no bearing on the All Ireland final. Would you deny a ticket to someone who has attended every Dublin inter-county game, including O’Byrne cup matches, but has no connection to any club and has never attended a club match? Would they get the ticket if they had gone to the club finals on St. Patrick’s day even though it was only for the day out and they didn’t know who was involved until they picked up a programme on the way in?

  9. Peter Dempsey

    Tickets should only be given to the four counties involved in the minor and senior finals (Kerry, Galway, Dublin, Mayo). Nobody else should get any. Might ease the pressure.

  10. Illuminati16

    Gaa ticket system is one of the more equitable…. clubs and season ticket holders get a percentage. … if you atrend a certain amount of games with your season ticket you are guaranteed an all ireland final ticket. … great system

  11. Emah

    Bears remembering that of the 82k tickets, some 10k are corporate and another 15k ish go to a variety of partners/sponsors/affiliated orgs/cumann n.a. mbunscoil etc. About 57k go out to the counties (all) with maybe 5k of that going to a variety of season ticket holders (gaa, Cairde, Parnell pass) and obviously a majority going to the counties in the two finals (minor and senior). Not sure what the proportions would be there, or how its allocated. The 15k ish tickets would only happen for the final I gather, which is definitely why supply dips (and demand is obviously at a peak).

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