In Perfect Nick



John Gallen writes:

I understand you don’t normally do this but my beautiful baby was lifted from a locked bike shed at work St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7. They bust open the locked shed :(

It’s a black and red “LaPierre Raid FX full-sus downhill racing MTB” and in perfect nick. Valued at just over a €1,000.

Why am I cycling a bike like that to work…. there’s a lock up at work, it’s a joy to ride, and a joy I hate to miss when it’s not raining, dragging the last out of the fair weather…

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6 thoughts on “In Perfect Nick

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Pack of thieving b*stards. Just in time for the bus strike too. Hope you get it back. It’s a very snazzy-lookin’ ting.

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