14 thoughts on “It Normally Takes The Bus

  1. Caroline™

    Goodness, I’ve no idea what that could be.

    Be quite interested to know what you used to set the Luas on fire. Must have been a hell of a job first thing!

      1. Caroline™

        They are the worst. They fly like they’re powered by murder and they crawl like they’ve just emerged from the scabrous mouth of a mummified corpse. I always suggest they be escorted off the premises at the earliest opportunity.

          1. Caroline™

            An Ireland’s Own to the thorax, if I’m on my own and cornered. Otherwise I have to cede control of the situation to the humane dispatcher. He insists.

  2. Jonny

    This pic was taken by the guy who was sitting beside it without realising it. The poor lad hopped up off his seat when I told him it was beside him. I got the seat though. The big baby!

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