H Warren writes:

You might like this artistic response by the community of Cobh deployed at Saturdays hugely attended anti Irish Water protest march in Dublin. It sent a strong democratic reminder to the FF/FG coalition in everything but name, to act now and abolish the severely regressive Irish Water rip-off.

Being a Dubliner it was a pleasure to meet such a wide ranging group of people that took the trouble to attend the protest who were from all over Ireland. I very briefly spoke with a charming lady from Cobh that highlighted the wonderful community six month effort that went into making the knitted quilt.

The folks that created it had a very wide age range from the very young to the eldest being 104! The middle section at the top depicts the voracious vultures of Alan, Joan and Enda and beside them the dead ducks like the politicians they represent.

On the lower left hand corner we can see two civic minded ordinary decent tax payers protesting against Irish Water and on a poignant note the Garda represented was a long standing member of Cobh who I was assured was very anti Irish Water but unfortunately the gentleman has recently passed away.

I do like the addition of the tiny panda, usually to be found in Fota wild life park. Enjoy yourself casting your eye across the rest of the quilt and you don’t need to be genius to work out the rest!

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18 thoughts on “Knitted No

    1. RosieBH

      Those of us who knitted the banner are mostly retired, having worked all our lives and are now being penalised for that by a right wing government who would prefer that we all just died off before our time so, yes we have the time to do things like this. We are proud to do it, it makes a statement about Cobh’s commitment to the revolution which is ongoing. From the tone of your comment you would prefer to support this government. I hope your jackboots and swastika are Irish made, keep the profits in the country for the benefit of the elite.

      1. Rob_G

        “I hope your jackboots and swastika are Irish made…”

        – well done, that lady, your Godwin is in the post for you as we speak.

    2. Suzy O'Shea

      Joe Small,

      You obviously have too little time to examine the issue and think coherently about it! Poor you! Hope you are happy to pay an added tax on water on top of all the usual charges that should pay for it already! It’s a government rip off! Pity you have too little time to see that, never mind think about it!

  1. brownbull

    these irresponsible yahoos in Cobh are pumping their poo untreated into Cork harbour, ‘civic minded ordinary decent taxpayers’ me arse

    1. RosieBH

      Yes that’s right, whenever we feel the need to evacuate we go down to the quay wall, drop our drawers and defecate directly into the water. Sometimes we bring bodhrans to hide the noise.

  2. Karen Doyle

    Brilliant article and well done to Rose and the other women who poured their creative talents into making Irelands only knitted banner.
    As for the nasty couple of comments beneath the article take no heed of them Rose.
    These people have benefited from our hard tireless campaign work over the past number of years in order that our water is kept firmly in public ownership and that we will never see water poverty introduced here.
    Some people still think that’s a good idea.
    Perhaps we need a knew vulture Rose or maybe a knitted troll of the traitor who kicks his own when they are down and who finds pleasure in slagging off those of us who have stood up to fight for ourselves, our families and our communities.

  3. Rob_G

    It’s a nice banner.

    A Greek flag? Yes, that is exactly the type of thing that we should be seeking to emulate…

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