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Evan Puschak marvels anew at the intense Omaha Beach opening scene in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, filmed at Curracloe Strand in Wexford.

Many of the famously long shots were filmed from the intimate perspective of a battlefield cameraman, a decision inspired by actual WWII battle footage and John Ford’s The Battle of Midway, which used scenes where actual explosions on set made the camera skip.


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14 thoughts on “Omaha God

  1. human

    It was actually strong independent black women who stormed the beaches at Normandy and defeated fascism #maletears #huffpo #buzzfeed #nowthis #aj+

  2. rory

    On this day in 1940, Witold Pilecki was voluntarily captured and sent to Auschwitz to smuggle out information and start a resistance. He survived in the camp for nearly two and a half years before escaping in 1943.

    He became the author of the first comprehensive Allied intelligence report on Auschwitz concentration camp and the Holocaust.

  3. rory

    A trend setting technical marvel, Saving Private Ryan became highly influential for many a war movie/video game. Considering it’s popularity, I can’t help thinking that the ‘patriotic war nostalgia’ the film is steeped in helped influence public attitudes towards war, particularly in America. i.e. Reinventing/reversing a lot of the good work done by the likes of Oliver Stone in presenting war as total hell; presenting it instead as ‘yeah, it’s hell, but it’s also a great visceral entertainment that happens to present war as a noble sacrifice.’

    I can’t help thinking the films popularity made the incoming wars in the Middle East a bit more acceptable to the American mindset.

    Lets hope the incoming ‘Siege of Jadotville’ doesn’t have a similar influence on Irish audiences with regard the subject of war. (e.g. Making certain ideas more acceptable, like joining NATO, or an E.U. army.)

    1. phil

      Fair play Rory, both posts , Im going to look into that polish guy, and your OP about manufacturing consent , thats an interesting idea. It reminds me of that conspiracy theory that Spielberg was softening up the public for a disclosure of information about aliens :-)

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