32 thoughts on “A Hair’s Breadth

  1. human

    One thing we have learned from this election is you cannot trust the polls…. Trump is going to win in a landslide #anarchistsfortrump

  2. jimmy russell

    Trump is literally hitler
    he needs to be stopped at all costs, Hillary is a woman and a democrat
    she is clearly going to be the best president in history.
    We need to stop talking about her foreign policy record especially regarding the middle east, Trump is going to make it hard for people to illegally enter the united states that’s literally no different from the nazi’s.
    We need to stop talking about Hillary’s business affairs and the Clintton Foundation, Trump is a misogynist which means that he has a pathological hatred of women he will bring back pay inequality for women and will bypass congress to force through laws that make them to quit their jobs when they are married or have babies.
    We need to stop talking about Hillary’s illegal handling of her emails in regards to national security it has no bearing on her fitness as a public servant or a person who’s decisions affect the entire world, Donald Trump literally hates black people he will bring back slavery. People who are supporting Trump are literally committing hate crimes we need to identify these people and target them.
    We need to to stop talking about Hillary’s relationship with Saudi Arabia it’s a whole different country there it’s their culture to oppress women and kill homosexuals trying to impose our values on them would be racist, Trump wants to kill or deport all muslims in the US it’s no different from the holocaust I literally cant even right now Trump makes me sick.

  3. newsjustin

    Supposedly we shouldn’t mind too much these national polls. What matters is college votes and it’ll come down to a small number of swing states where Hillary still has a decent lead.

    Everyone’s worrying over nothing…….maybe.

  4. Nigel

    Don’t worry, Trump will accidentally eat a baby live on television and his numbers will take a slight dip and then rocket when Hilary scratches her ear and it’s taken as proof she has creutzfeldt jakob disease.

      1. scottser

        i had to google them bertie. but that pair would be best settle things in a gladatorial fight to the death sort of thing. with lions, preferably.

  5. senbob

    This is a poll of nationwide polls and is thus pretty pointless in the context of the US election.

    The state polls show a vastly different picture and are thus the ones you need to watch. Arguably the most important polls are those from the swing states and the rust belt, notably Pennslivania where Clinton holds a 9 point lead. In Florida it is much tighter however if Clinton wins PA she is certain to get to 270 electoral votes. Trumps path to 270 is in contrast much more difficult. Despite having good weeks and Clinton having the fainting episode he hasnt actually gained much. Im inclined to say he has plateaued.

    Also if you look at the data in this article Clinton leads in all the polls bar the LA times poll which has consistently been and outlier in this cycle. Its methodology is a tracker poll and so is not really a true representation of the US.

    Pushed on by the media and the nature of the race it was always going to tighten but if you dig into the important polls namely swing states you see Clinton holding steady. She is expected to do really well in the debates and as Trump becomes increasingly desperate he will double down on the fearmongering. i beleive many in the US are fearful of trump and that will be the main motivation to go and vote against him.

    This election will be a rejection of Trump as opposed to an endorsement of Hillary.

    I expect Hillary to win easily but we have some nervous few weeks to go.

  6. Kirkbadaz

    Fivethirtyeight.com is the best source for data on the presidential election. They have Clinton on 60% chance of winning, it’s been declining.

  7. SB

    I don’t want to see him elected, but one possible bright side of a Trump victory might be that he’s so insular, he closes his borders, withdraws the US military back from everywhere they are and stops the CIA interfering with democracy all over the world. UN-mandated interventions excepted. I would have said ‘reins in the IMF’ too, but in our experience, they were the ‘good guys’ versus the ECB.

    1. scottser

      trump won’t be allowed to make decisions and none of his ‘ideas’ will get through congress – he’ll be a distraction while vested interests run rampage protecting their wealth. and how to the elites make money? yep, they make nation states go to war.

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