An Increase Of 32%



A person sleeps behind the railings of the Custom House in Dublin

The Simon Community released its annual report for 2015 this morning.

The launch of this report followed an early-morning count of the number of people sleeping rough in Dublin.

168 people were counted.

The main findings of the Simon Community’s report are as follows:

10% of people moved out of emergency accommodation into a home

59% of people in emergency accommodation have been homeless for more than two years

32% increase in the numbers counted on Early Morning Rough Sleeping counts in the last year (not including the 60 without a bed in the Merchants Quay Ireland Night Café) 168 counted this morning

31% increase in those accessing Addiction Treatment Services

46% increase in housing capacity, through opening and acquiring 109 new properties in 2015.

59% increase in those accessing Emergency Accommodation

Dublin Simon Community Annual Report 2015 – Key Findings (Simon Community)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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18 thoughts on “An Increase Of 32%

  1. phil

    Who’s fault is it? Or who could fix this? , because one thing is for sure, the Government (which includes the 2 largest political parties in the state) , dont think its anything to do with them or their policies…

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Friend, no-one can ever completely fix it, because of the vagaries of human nature. However, our political parties stand indicted for their failure to even try to address the problem. No banies to be kissed, no votes to be garnered.

    2. Cian

      I assume it’s Dublin City council (as the majority of the homeless are in Dublin city). and their lack of council houses.

  2. diddy

    Yuppies live ex corpo houses where fewer people used to live.
    Where do poor people then live? in unstable rental accomm.
    Where do VERY poor people now live? on the streets.
    Its a top down issue

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      No truer word, Diddy, no truer word. I well remember when, for instance, Oxmantown Road off the North Circular Road was a road of Corpo Terraces. This was thirty years ago – The ‘Gentrification’ began and I doubt if there is one Dublin or Lower working class person living in that area today.

      1. Donger

        That’s what happens when a city expands – it cannot stand still. Parts of east London, Kreuzberg or prenzlauer berg in Berlin , meat packers/Brooklyn in NY; they all go through this cycle. A few hipster cafes and bars open due to lower costs and the area slowly evolves into a middle class neighbourhood.
        The issue in dublin is there’s no expansion. We have a growing population but nowhere to live. Trying to buy or rent anywhere within an hour of the city is near impossible.

  3. Protectthe8th

    Is there any studies done by charities or institutes whose funding isn’t directly correlated by their findings? Perhaps someone a little more impartial.

    Just curious….

  4. Turgenev

    If the nasty ‘Fair Deal’ scheme was axed and old people could instead commit a flat amount for nursing home care, an awful lot of empty houses would come onto the market.

  5. Protectthe8th

    How are these numbers counted? Is it literally just a headcount at a certain time of the night?

    It’s well known there is gangs of criminals pretending to be homeless, the guy outside Dunnes Stores on Georges St with the small chihuahua being one example. Working in the city centre at night time every day and watching the goings on, I can safely say that at a minimum 50% of the beggars in Dublin are not homeless.

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