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A person sleeps behind the railings of the Custom House in Dublin

The Simon Community released its annual report for 2015 this morning.

The launch of this report followed an early-morning count of the number of people sleeping rough in Dublin.

168 people were counted.

The main findings of the Simon Community’s report are as follows:

10% of people moved out of emergency accommodation into a home

59% of people in emergency accommodation have been homeless for more than two years

32% increase in the numbers counted on Early Morning Rough Sleeping counts in the last year (not including the 60 without a bed in the Merchants Quay Ireland Night Café) 168 counted this morning

31% increase in those accessing Addiction Treatment Services

46% increase in housing capacity, through opening and acquiring 109 new properties in 2015.

59% increase in those accessing Emergency Accommodation

Dublin Simon Community Annual Report 2015 – Key Findings (Simon Community)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews