Irish Men of The World


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From left: Joe Byrne (iSwitzerland), Luke Kelly (Hong Kong), Mark Boyle (UK)


Joe Byrne writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but I wonder would you be interested in plugging a new(ish) podcast by three Irish lads abroad?

In “80 Days: an exploration podcast”, we sit down at three microphones, scattered around the world in Hong Kong, England and Switzerland and bring the listener on a journey around a different country each week.

We talk about history, geography, culture, sport and tell the stories of interesting people you’ve never heard of before. We aim for lesser-known countries, and it’s a voyage of discovery for all of us.

We’re not professionals, just normal guys with a great interest in travel & research and keen on keeping in touch with each other and sharing our stories from around the world with everyone back home.

The first six episodes have racked up thousands of listens from around the world, and feedback from the countries we cover has generally been positive!

In this week’s episode, we’re getting to know our nearest (and tiniest) neighbour, the mysterious Isle of Man – the podcast features literal boatloads of Vikings, the world’s most insane motorbike race, a surprisingly creative WWII internment camp (where Pilates was invented!), a language that sounds very familiar to Irish ears, and many, many Olafs

You can find out more here, subscribe on iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts) Facebook and on Twitter (@80dayspodcast) and subscribe to the series on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.(if you’d like some short mp3 clips, you can find them on this link)…

80 Days; An irish Exploration Podcast

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