Choice of A New Generation



This morning.

N11 flyover, Belfield, Dublin 4

Members of ‘UCD For Choice’ launch a banner drop off in support of repealing the Eighth Amendment.

UCD For Choice’s Mary Hayes  writes:

“We’re a group for all the pro-choice students, staff and alumni in UCD. We’ll be hosting monthly events to encourage active engagement from members in our campaign for constitutional change…”


UCD For Choice Group Set Up To Campaign On Campus (The College Tribune)

Earlier: Eighth Days A Week

Thanks David Burns

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48 thoughts on “Choice of A New Generation

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Yes, I can’t believe they don’t care about the serious problem we have in this country of motorists crashing while reading banners on flyovers. Remember when the McCaul siblings won You’re a Star? 6 million people died from banner reading on Athlone roads in the week leading up to the final. And these virtue signalling hippy student communists don’t care. I’m defo voting against abortion now.

    2. Condor

      Do you know what a motorway is? That’s not a motorway. Do road signs and billboards all distract motorists? If so, we should pull them all down.

      1. Bob

        There’s no real need to be pedantic. It’s a load of people cheering and waving signs. It’s a distraction. It’s why they do it; they’re trying to draw attention to their cause. And billboards are a distraction, but not as much as a sign with people around it cheering it. ~It’s a good cause, it’s just badly implemented with regards to safety.

      2. Jimmy Ireland

        Road signs and billboards are static and blended. People waving arms and flags at motorists on a bridge are a distraction. I mean isn’t that the point? Are they not directly seeking motorists’ attention, therefore depriving the road of same?

        But focus on the class of road instead. Sure once it’s not a motorway, but just a three lane national road directly off the busiest motorway in Ireland, means it’s grand.

      1. Bob

        It’s an arrow with a d20 at the end. Something to do with making DnD games pro-choice so that Elves don’t have to take the ferry to Baldur’s Gate to have safe abortions.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I like your use of punnage, but disagree with your stance on abortion. It’s rather conflicting me.

    1. Bob

      Thank god someones finally putting money behind this. It’s tough going up against the US funded religious right.

          1. Lorcan Nagle

            The Abortion Rights Campaign is SEPA compliant, so you can see exactly where the funding comes from. The absence of money from the US will come as a surprise to few, I’m sure.

        1. Bob

          Wow, so there’s two conspiracy nut jobs who blindly believe every YouTube video they watch and keep posting on Broadsheet despite being continually laughed at by everyone?

          1. Zuppy International

            ‘Conspiracy’ is the term used by desperate gatekeepers to discredit a truth being revealed. Whenever I see it I know truth has just scored and the lies are crumbling.

          2. Nigel

            It comes as no surprise to hear that your criteria for success are as arbitrary and self-reinforcing as your criteria for truth.

          3. Zuppy International

            Says Nigel the gatekeepr.

            Paid shill? Or mind-controlled drone?

            I don’t really care. He has nothing original or interesting to say.

          4. Captain freegear

            Forget the royal family, there’s only one lizard in town, eh Nidge? Paid or not he loves his job

          5. Zuppy International

            You’re another gatekeeper Bob, inserting yourself where you’re not wanted or required.

            You think you’re smart but really you’re just another condescending penis.

            Fo guck yourself.

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