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This afternoon.

Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Killian Raynor writes:

It looks like the Church of Scientology are opening their “National Affairs Office” at no.4, Merrion Square. Masses of furniture have been moved into it for the past few months.

Passed by it earlier, and was told not to look in the doorway by the guys outside – even though the Scientology logo is very clearly displayed on the inside of the reception area.

Better meet the neighbours so.

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49 thoughts on “Going Clear

  1. bisted

    …ugh…clicked on the ‘neighbours’ and got the Iona website…as if that wasn’t bad enough there was a picture of John Watters…

  2. Bob

    So I’m guessing the plan is to get all the religious nutcases onto one street and then just block it off and let them fight it out?

      1. Nigel

        He probably doesn’t equate Iona with all Christians or Scientology with all damaged vulnerable people being cynically exploited in a horrible cycle of brainwashing, extortion and harassment.

      2. Hog

        All religious people are nutcases, human, all of them. There is no wizard in the sky, the sooner you accept that, teh happier you’ll feel.

        1. human

          Hogster, dude, I despise all religions equally. I’m just looking for some consistency from the plague of cultural marxists on this site that make excuses for Islam .


          1. rory


            Hi human, out of curiousity, when you say #anarchistsfortrump, would you be interested in Anarcho-capitalism or National-Anarchism?

      3. forfeckssake

        You’re clearly feeling very threatened. What if white christians don’t get to dominate the world for ever? What will you do?

      4. Nigel

        Er hang on. Is Scientology an all-white religion? Is Christianity? Are you that racist, or did you just not really think this attempted sick burn through? Or both?

      5. Bob

        Muslim extremists are nutcases. You know the ones that want to force their beliefs on others, just like Iona and Scientologist do.

        Sorry, I know you were hoping for hypocrisy so that you could feel smug, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to look elsewhere.

      1. Well

        “Iona would eat scientologists for breakfast”

        Lol no.If you view them both criminal syndicates Scientology are a new up and coming gangster that is willing to do anything. Iona are the well established fogeys that got to comfortable.

  3. ReproBertie

    “was told not to look in the doorway”

    I hope you told them to get fked and took a good long look.

  4. Jimmy

    Thought they had a place in City Centre – Middle Abbey Street – the place where the demonstration used to be some Saturdays. The posh neighbours on Merrion Square won’t like it if the demonstrations follow them there !

  5. Puca

    pffff..it’s only a national affairs office. you need an intergalactic affairs office to get xenu place noticed.

  6. Hog

    They wouldn’t be setting up a more substantial brass plate appearance now that the spotlight is firmly on American corporations and their tax evading in Ireland, would they? Surely not, no one would fall for that.

  7. Jimmy

    I believe it was the very first one set up so back to their spiritual home it seems. Why do they need a National Affairs Office – I thought I read somewhere that they had about 10 active members in Ireland. I wonder if Tom Cruise will come over for the grand opening – he could arrange to meet Mel Gibson – could be a new recruit !

  8. rotide

    Apart from the massively aggresive lawerying they seem to love, can someone explain in a few short sentences why scientology is evil/should be illegal?

    I’m genuinely curious and please no youtube videos.

    1. Rob

      It was consciously and shamelessly set up as a money-making scam, and has over the decades upped its game to include the systematic emotional and physical abuse of its members, their families, and Scientology’s detractors.

      They also have a history of criminal espionage and murder.

  9. p

    As pointed out above, worse thing about this whole story is the awful (and presumably unauthorised) windows at first floor level.

    1. The Real Jane

      Maybe they’re special xenu proof ones? Or maybe they attract xenu? (I don’t know which the scientologists might hope to achieve)…

  10. DubLoony

    Operation Clambake has all your scientology related answers

    Really need to take a close look at freedom of religion in this country – its used for a whole multitude of seriously ugly behaviors..

    1. Rob

      Scientology’s greatest stroke of evil genius was portraying itself as a religion (as opposed to, say, a self-help course – which it originally appeared as).

      People will attack religions in general, other people will defend religions in general. It’s a grey area that acts as a smoke-screen. Whatever about the problems of religion, Scientology is not and has never been one. Drawing those parallels helps them continue to destroy lives.

        1. LW

          The same thing people get out of any organisation, a sense of belonging.

          Their first introduction is this “personality test”, where you hold two handles connected to a galvanometer, which will deflect when you squeeze it slightly. They ask you if you ever feel sad, or low, etc, and say that they can help. At this stage, there’s nothing overtly religious about it, they try to give off a more scientific vibe.

  11. Junkface

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new Louis Theroux documentary about scientology.
    Going Clear was a fantastic film though. Shocking stuff

  12. the florist

    this is nothing more than a property investment. the cults numbers have fallen of a cliff over the last few years. no doubt there is a tax of set here going on.

    1. postmanpat

      We do follow Americas example . It saves us thinking for ourselves. They personally blackmailed and harassed individual US IRS employees who were fighting the good fight to get tax off them and lost. They come to Ireland and we give them charity status unchallenged. Bunch of leprechaun cowards so we are.

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