Meanwhile, At The Ploughing Championships



It’s not just wellies and muddy furrows you know.

Sinn Féin, on Facebook, writes:

The Irish Independent at Ploughing16 hosted a ‘Farmer’s makeover’. They’ve now removed all footage of the event from their website and YouTube account.

Watch as one of the ‘Farmer’s makeover’ participants criticises the Independent’s coverage of Sinn Féin and the microphone is immediately grabbed from his hand and sound is switched off…

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37 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Ploughing Championships

    1. Owen

      They paid her the big money before hand they did. Told her to be sure nobody mentioned Sinn Feinn. See, the boyos at the top know this is exactly where the political race is won and lost.

  1. p

    Culchie tries to make a fun ‘makeover’ event an occasion for political statements on a terrorist/politician…. I can see the headlines now.

          1. illuminati16

            when used in a derogatory way like it was above, or to box people into particular characteristics based on where they are from – is clear discrimination…. dubs dont like it when they are labelled howiyas i dont see how there is any difference

  2. Adamski

    I’d assume it’s because he’s standing on a Irish Independent stage, criticising the paper and raring up for a political rant that she killed his mic.
    It’s hardly the unveiling of our lizard overlords. Broadsheet are really grasping at some tenuous conspiratorial straws these days

  3. Guess Who

    The Indo is almost demonic in its hatred of Sinn Fein. They are so hysterical about them that none of their attempts at smear actually work. They have the opposite effect.

    And its nothing to do with 30 years of violence in NI. It’s entirely because of the cosy cartels in Ireland who have our economy divided up among them. They don’t want open and fair business opportunity in Ireland. They want to ‘keep it close’ as they say in certain private schools here.

    1. rory

      I’d agree that the Indo are very biased when it comes to Sinn Fein, but I think they are quite successful in their attempts to portray their point of view.

      I’m guessing you’re a fan of Sinn Fein. Imagine if you had little contact with said party, and the only info you came across of them came from the headlines of the biggest selling paper in the country, or through RTE.

      Even if you considered the coverage hysterically negative, unless you were a die hard Sinn Feiner, the blanket criticism would have an impact on your view of the party, on some level, even if you aren’t willing to acknowledge it openly to yourself.

      Don’t underestimate the power achieved by conforming to a certain narrative/identity; by conforming to what is perceived to be the ‘mainstream/establishment/’normal’ view of things. Said power drives a lot of ‘spiel’; a lot of the banter in this country.
      For a lot of people participating in normal social dynamics, it ultimately doesn’t matter to them if they’re right or wrong, deep down. It only matters if they APPEAR to be right, at the time, considering the narrative** that he/she perceives the country to be immersed in at that particular moment.

      Some people might think they’re too smart for that, and any desires to acquire that power/’righteousness’ doesn’t apply to them. I think that would be ultimately naive. Said desire is in everyone.

      I hope I’m getting at something correct in that spiel.

      **To get back to my initial point:
      The power of such a narrative, in turn, indicates the kind of influence/power which has come to reside in the media outlets who design and disperse that narrative, whether said design is intentional or ‘haphazard’ (not to undermine the talent of journalists/editors with that last adjective.)

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