28 thoughts on “Óh

  1. Daithi

    You get to try and rid the party of the ghosts of fianna fail past, while looking like a laughing stock that no-one takes seriously. Welcome young ffers!

      1. LW

        On the ghost, not the buster. They’re hardly putting their party leader as target number 1, you keen political observer

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          It’s Enda. Not clear from that but I used my mad google skillz to look more closely.

          1. LW

            Respect to your skillz, couldn’t find it on the ogra website. Are the youth wing unaware of the confidence and supply arrangement? If they had Gerry as the ghost it’d be more apt

  2. gringo

    Wanna turn a state into a festering mess of corruption and stupidity? Who you gonna call? That’s right.The FFers.

  3. Cop On

    Wanna turn a state into a festering mess of corruption and stupidity? Then elevate a boghopperfest called the “Ploughing Championships” into a national event. I am surprised these rural drongos didn’t organize a mass for Alan Hawe.

  4. TheDude

    ‘With our help again this country will be headed for another disaster of biblical proportions. Developers rising from the grave! Sovereignty sacrifice, FG and FF coming together… mass hysteria!’

  5. Bort

    There’s nothing wrong with an interest in Politics but when I was in college only the absolute cretins were in Fianna Fail/Gael youth. They were mini me, walking stereotypes of dirty politicians, they managed at all times to appear slimey and dusty equally. Ewwwwwww

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