Guerrilla Embroidery


aquel_rodrigo_crossstitch2 aquel_rodrigo_crossstitch3 aquel_rodrigo_crossstitch6 aquel_rodrigo_crossstitch8 aquel_rodrigo_crossstitch10 aquel_rodrigo_crossstitch11 raquel_rodrigo_crossstitch1 raquel_rodrigo9

Arquicostura – by Spanish designer Raquel Rodrigo – a combination of architetura (architecture) and costura (needlework) – floral cross stitch (toughened and scaled up using wire mesh and thick coloured string) pleasingly deployed on the streets of Madrid


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6 thoughts on “Guerrilla Embroidery

  1. John

    Looks like Valencia to me not Madrid. I dont think they use Catalan on the street signs in Madrid. Poor old Franco would be spinning in his grave

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I looked up the Plaças (!) and you’re right. Maybe some of the un-named streets are in Mad Ride, though.

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