24 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

    1. Harry Molloy

      Funny the rain didn’t bother the ladies as much as the men and it wasn’t called out as a major advantage to Cork

        1. Harry Molloy

          ah yeah, I’d be raging, if I was one of those players yesterday I’d feel like I was really being shown my place

          1. Caroline™

            Agreed, it seems so petty not to have it. Having been at the match though I don’t think the result is a total travesty.

  1. some old queen

    One of these days the Express will have a cover story other than cheer-leading Brexit. Problem is, nobody is really sure what ‘Brexit’ actually means?

    1. 15 cent

      is all it means for us is Noonan can use it as an excuse to not spend in the budget .. even tho an actual Brexit wont happen until at least 2019/2020

    2. Sido

      Problem is, nobody is really sure what ‘Brexit’ actually means? – This has been a tricky one for the MSM in recent months. With the Guardian and BBC particularly foxed by it.
      The first observation is that when they say “nobody” they mean themselves.
      Actually Brexit means that the United Kingdom will no longer be a member of the European Union.

      1. classter

        Nonsense, Sido.

        The truth is that there was a menu of options on the table in the Brexit vote but only two choices – 1) status quo and 2) whatever you’re having yourself.

        Some of the Brexiteers, such as Boris, were suggesting that a No vote would be a good place to start a renegotiation of EU membership – yes, he actually suggested that.

        Even on an issue as (in relative terms) simple as Ireland, nobody is sure what impact this will have on the Good Fri Agreement which refers specifically to EU membership, nor on border controls, nor on trade, nor on current agreements for joint recognition of nationality, etc.

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