Patrick writes:

Maybe you can help. I saw this bloke (above) robbing the bike he’s with at City Hall [Dublin 2].. I took the bike off him and have it somewhere safe for the owner. I don’t know who the owner is but if they could get in touch I will give them all the info….




The bike in question at a safe location this morning. Recognise it?

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20 thoughts on “Busted

  1. ZeligIsJaded

    You took the bike off the hooded guy with the big metal weapon in his hands, after taking his photo at point blank range.

    Foolhardy – but fair play!

  2. Harry Molloy

    A bike thief was caught by the maintenance man where I live and he tried to get the bike off him. He was told that if he didn’t walk away he would be stabbed in the head as the little scrote slowly walked the bike away.

    Some real dirt bags these bike thieves, fair play for confronting but not worth getting hurt over.

      1. Murtles

        Yes rehashing old jokes is much worse than bicycle theft. Thanks for focusing on the real blight of our nation’s capital.

        Anyway a horse walks into a bar….

  3. 15 cent

    i like to hear this. i tried to stop two bike thieves on lower grand canal street and got a hidin’ for my troubles.

  4. Guess Who

    In the olden days (brass band music) the cops would give these scuts a hiding and nobody would mind.

    Little self pleasurers need to be taught respect for their fellow citizens.

  5. Turgenev

    Violence isn’t going to stop this. What will stop it is highly-publicised prosecution of people who buy stolen bikes.
    It’s very, very wrong not to concentrate on bicycle theft, because it’s the crime that gets boys into a life of crime and robs them of any future.

  6. Liam Deliverance

    Well done Patrick, I tip my hat to you a thousand times. I nearly had my car broken into yesterday, I just came back at the right time. It’s frustrating because if we had a police force who gave even an iota about the folk that pay their wages a lot of this carry on could be greatly reduced. I don’t get it really, bikes get robbed from the same places roughly on a daily basis, in broad daylight, by the same human sewage. It would not take much effort from An Garda Siochana to have a huge effect on this problem. Either they are happy to sit in their safe police stations all day and take the wage or the problem is with prison places and resources. I suspect the latter based on the lenient sentences being dished out by judges for much more serious crimes.

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