Ahead of tonight’s US Presidential Election debate, there’s a decided advantage for Democratic candidate and veteran debater Hillary Clinton in multiple polls ahead of Donald Trump.

On average according to poll aggregator RealClearPolitics, Clinton has a narrow 2.3% lead over Trump in the run-up to the debate.

Trump has resurged from a June slump in the polls to go neck-and-neck, ahead of tonight’s political Superbowl to be held in six fifteen-minute rounds.

Clinton has come under fire in recent weeks from political opponents over health issues and her fitness to contest the election. Meanwhile, the pressure is on Trump to dial back from his grand statements and playing to his well-established peanut gallery.

Fact-checking will come into play during the course of the discussion, but pressure is on both candidates to outline the upsides of their respective vision.

Meanwhile, over at the Guardian, Dan Roberts has compiled ten awkward questions that could put either candidate off their footing this evening.




Who Does The World Want For US President?


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32 thoughts on “Face Off

  1. Bruce Wee

    Keep expecting Don King to be interviewed as the promoter to “the debate of the century”

    “Donald trump taught me it was better to be feared than loved. Because if you are loved they sense you might be weak. I am a man of the people and help them but it is important to do so through strength.”

  2. Starina

    i can’t watch this. it would send my blood pressure through the roof. Trump is the kind of man to make faces when Hillary is talking, or to use “i know you are but what am i” as a legitimate argument

      1. Talismania!

        Hillary should invite the Judge from the Trump University case to sit in the front row. Must be hard for Trump to find seats for all his ex-wives at these things . . .

  3. Vote Rep #1

    Both of them are awful. Whatever faults the leaders of our political parties have, they are shining beacons compared to these two.

    1. The Real Jane

      I don’t think that’s very fair, actually. Hilary Clinton is clearly a far superior candidate to Tiny Hands Trump. This “a plague on both their houses” stuff and the determination not to think about anything because obviously if there’s two of them they must be equally poor is very damaging. You may not like Clinton, but denying that she has some relevant skills and experience and isn’t a racist or someone who simply can’t help behaving like a cretinous loonbag in public isn’t really fair.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        I’m not so sure she isn’t a racist. Her coloured people time joke, her ‘super predator’ comments and the anti crime legislation she had a hand in, in the 90s, her work for Goldwater; all worthy of consideration.

      2. Sido

        People in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine might disagree with the rosey picture you paint of St Hill Jane.
        She certainlt wins hands down on corpse count.

        1. curmudegon

          You forgot to mention Haiti, yeah she fought argainst them having minimum wage of 61 cents at the behest of US multinationals like LEVI’s. Now theyre on 31 cent.

  4. jimmy russell

    Only bigoted racists and misogynists would say the Trump and his anti-interventionist stance is great for the rest of the world, he wants to make better relations with russia he is literally hitler you should not make peace with enemies Hilary will bring Russia and Iran to heel she is clearly the better choice for president. Also, dont forget Trump wants to make it difficult to enter the united states illegally that is no different from the holocaust he needs to be stopped at all cost hopefully someone shoots him at tonights debate.

    1. Niallo

      I could say, how very, middle class, right on, liberal and frankly modern wordy irish of you.
      Suffice to say, you seem to have not been to the us of a, if you had been, you would surely realise that hank and myrtle couldnt give a rats ass about anyone but muricans, and male, white, popular, entertaining muricans at that, and anyone who disagrees (and in doing, rather ironically excercises their right to free speech) is deemed as being un-murican, but hey, hark at me being all wordy and worthy and not having a say, being a non us voter…
      Either way this thing works out, one of these two clowns is going to give the whole circus away and happily preside over ww3.

    1. Sido

      Trump has changed has morphed and the Dems don’t realise it. They haven’t caught up.
      So they’re sayin’ Don is a racist, misogynist, homophobe who is bessie mates with Vlad Putes.
      Ugh don’t vote for him! No really don’t he’s like horrid Ugh!
      He’s doing statesman like stuff now and you’ll notice he’s veered away from any slagging of Hillary on health issues. His trick is morphing into a statesman like character, from a red necked type character. That gave him his original electoral lift.
      His tactic will be you’ve had 8 years of Obama. Hillary is merely a continuation of Obama.
      And for many people who supported Obama, he was been a failure.

  5. Guess Who

    It’s impossible to debate with an idiot because they have no rational argument.

    It’s like a great team playing against a really bad team. They both end up playing badly.

  6. Junkface

    Its hard to believe that humanity has reached this point. Trump is nominated for the Republicans having no knowledge of anything related to being a president, or a politician, or an economist. He knows NOTHING! It has all been hot air from him up to this point. Yet Hilary could lose the debate because of her lacking social skills and general awkwardness and calculating persona.
    I mean, anyone with a brain can see that Hilary is the correct choice but nowadays intelligence is looked at suspiciously in the USA. The dumbest place on Earth now thanks to 30 years of Fox news propaganda

    1. Sido

      “having no knowledge of anything related to being a president” – Unlike the hugely successful politicians who have come before him?

  7. Owen

    I think its going to be great watching! Trump will drag the debate down to some level of smut, accusations, shouting over Clinton and blind lies. Which will be fantastic. Even watching her awkwardness about it will be fun.

    However, the joyous laughter while I fall asleep will be replaced with shock when I wake to find it was deemed he won, and the mass number of idiots across the US like him, and say he is strong, and his aggression suits a leader etc.

    Big HC need to drop the C-bomb on him, or give him the finger half way through the debate. She needs to appear educated and composed, but embrace all the donkeys going to vote for this clown, in a way they want.

    1. ivan

      There was a thing in the Weekend section of the Times about Irish folk voting for Trump and I dunno, there was the whiff of thinly veiled racism masquerading as ‘he says what needs to be said’…

      Which in my head I translated as ‘pull up the ladder to the treehouse, guys…’

  8. OhRowShayDoVahaWaile

    Bleating liberals
    Line up to discredit
    The electoral process
    When it’s not “fair”
    Go away lickle babies
    Go back to bed
    Try not to wet it

  9. Anne

    “Fact-checking will come into play during the course of the discussion”

    I doubt it.. The Donald doesn’t do facts.

    1. Sido

      Facts don’t matter that much. This is America. ( I know – I know)
      It’s not about facts – Its gonna be about showbiz.

      (She’s a politician he’s a game show host) – Just sayin

      She’s also worn down mentally and physically. The contest was supposed to be Hills V Jeb Bush. Jeb’s a Queensby rules kinda guy.And would have been difficult enough, in his own right.
      Donald is a wild card in this respect.

  10. :-Joe… da-daaaahh.. do-be-do.. (Clowns bouncing around to donkey and elephant noises)

    If you want some real facts then look no further than “Trump is a giant douche and Hillary is a Turd sandwich”- Parker/Stone.

    All these polls are complete nonsense and the winner of the race for presidency is not as important as it appears. Control of congress and the supreme court is the most important aspect to US political parties.

    Obama while elected was involved in more wars than Bush inc. a wide scale illegal assasination programme using drone strikes, so look at both their records and ask yourself who was really better than the other. Very little difference in the grand scheme of history.

    It may not be as sensational and spectacularly over the top but it is almost exactly the same as ennnNNNNDDDAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! and Mickey “Montgomery Burns” Martin in Ireland.

    Either choice is binary and it only leads to more of the same for the established power centres.

    Clinton is corrupt and a hawkish warmongerer which is exactly the same as what is feared and percieved to be of Trump and how he will act if he gets into power. Apart from gender, personality, irrational fear and the public’s confirmation bias as to who is better, is there really difference? I personally don’t think so or care who wins. I am not worried either way but it looks to me like it will be Trump.

    After Henry Wallace lost to Harry Truman, politically the USA went from bad to worse and further downwards into the pseudo-democratic {INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE POLITICAL SCIENCE TERM HERE)-ocracy” that it is now….

    If these are the best options in a broken binary system then It’s going to be a long road back to any kind of equitable reality…


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