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  1. Mr. Camomile T

    There is no way in hell that those 45 apartments haven’t passed through the hands of NAMA at some stage. I’d wager that a foreign investor bought the “portfolio” for half-nothing from NAMA, sat on the properties to starve supply and increase demand & rent prices, and now holds a monopoly on overpriced apartments in the area.

    And yet the government continues to wash its hands when it comes to the rental & housing crisis.

    1. Marian

      OK, let’s do the math. It makes sense.

      Example: You have a tech employee and his wife here for 12 to 24 month assignment. He’s on 80k.

      Pay them 80k through payroll, that costs the company about 90k when you include employers PRSI.

      Now get that employee here under SARP, pay him 60k and pay the rent through the company; the company saves money, employee saves money (gets paid more) and everyone’s happy.

      Still, it’s an awful place. Awful location. Awful decor. OK if you’re like 25 or something.

        1. Marian

          You’d be surprised at how badly paid some of those guys are paid. Only the top 10% make it to comfortable suburbia.

          By the time you realise you can’t afford your own place, you’re 35 and spent and have nothing to show for it. And there’s 100 new enthusiastic analysts suited and booted fresh off the milkround waiting to take your place.

  2. The Real Jane

    Is there any apartment in Dublin not decorated in the style of a Travelodge?

    Also, a bit pricey for North Wall I would have thought. Unless it’s for the deluxe drug dealer.

  3. DerpTruck

    I nearly spat my coffee out at that price…€1200 tops (2 people, €600 each sounds reasonable right?)

    1. Martin Heavy-guy

      You haven’t been renting in Dublin recently, obviously. A friend on North Wall had his two-person apartment raised FM e1400 to e2100 last yard (e1050 each)

  4. blueswannabe

    Surely claiming THAT as “2 Bedrooms” is false advertising?! It’s 2 beds but they’re in the same shagging room!

  5. Disgruntled Goat

    You’d need a salary of over €96K to pay rent €4,350pm after tax and that’s not allowing for, you know, feeding yourself etc…
    How many people on €100K+ would be stupid enough to pay that level of rent??

  6. graven

    If you look at the “other properties in the area” tab, there are two beds advertised for €4950. €4350, a steal!

  7. Disgruntled Goat

    Not to bang on too much but that level of monthly payment would pay a mortgage of over €800K (assuming LTV of 90% and 25 year term).

  8. forfeckssake

    It is not a two bed apartment. It is an apartment with two beds in one room. Who would pay €26,100 a year to share a bedroom?!

  9. Vote Rep #1

    I just google mapped the address and its the Citibank building on the quays. Its not even an apartment block. Its Am I missing something here?

    1. Shelbyville Manhattan

      It’s a scam, and not even a terrible good one with the foreign phone number on the listing, the implausible price for a listing that isn’t pitched at the fully serviced/corporate let market, the fake address and recycled pics.

      And many here took the bait and went off on one. Well done on that.

  10. Darren

    I’d say these are aimed @ corporate rentals ie. Facebook, Google, Financial Institutions etc in the area renting them and putting up staff on long stays from abroad? I’m guessing! A 2 bed terraced house (ex council) on my Ma’s road let last week for €1800 which I though was nuts. This is bizarre.

      1. Anomanomanom

        It would need to drop a lot just to get me into double digits never mind negative but, good burn I tip my hat.

  11. Louis Lefronde

    Now I’m laughing. You can a better apartment near The Champs Elysees for a lot less…… Ireland, a country where ‘greed’ married ‘ignorance’ and has ‘poor taste’ as a mistress!

    1. anne

      I bet you lived there n all after you got fed up of the cote d’azur that is..mon dieu..mange tout..plonker

    1. anne

      It works by putting in no rent controls..”.cant interfere in da moorket.” But they can interfere and put in rules for mortgage deposits, keeping people renting. And Nama..the biggest scam in this country’s history. That’s how the scam works.

  12. forfeckssake

    If you were running a scam surely you would offer cheap rent to sucker people in. How does asking for crazy money that nobody is going to pay help a scammer? If the apartment isn’t real you might as well rent it to 4 people for €1,500.

  13. Barbara

    Total scam!! Check out the Spanish number> Spotahome is based abroad and people pay before even seeing apartments. Can’t believe Daft.ie have this up.

  14. anne

    A girl I know told me about her landlord wanting to put up the rent by 400 euro. She was in the apartment almost a year only.

    The landlord is a lawyer too. Anyone want the name and firm to avoid the greedy c***.

    The greedy fupps want a tax free income and someone else paying for their pension.

  15. anne

    The next generation have been thrown to the wolves….well done Noonan. The coffin dodger’s legacy will live on for a long time to come..

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