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Custom House Harbour, IFSC, Dublin 1 apartment property ad, unidentified source, 1994

Riverdance? Never catch on.’

Via Brand New Retro tweetz::

1994 advert. Custom House Harbour Dublin 1 apartments for sale. From £49k to £89k

Paul McDermott adds:

One sold for 445k in June!

Good times.

Brand New Retro

Verde__04 Verde_02 Verde_03 Verde_05 Verde_06 Verde_08 Verde_011
25 Verde – a five story apartment building in Turin, Italy designed by architect Luciano Pia.

An undulating design incorporating 150 potted deciduous trees and terraces serves to break up the line of the building, insulating apartments from the noise of traffic while absorbing C02 and looking lovely, as trees are wont to do.