74 thoughts on “The People Have Spoken

  1. human

    The CNN poll was a joke, before announcing the result they had to add the disclaimer the the group poled was 45% Democrat and 26% republican.

    Whatever side your on that’s unacceptable.

  2. Cheech

    Fox and Breitbart can be thrown into the trash from the onset.

    I’m putting the rest down to some brain thing/clerical error.

  3. Mourinho



    Hillary won – ‘cos her supporters are convinced her rhetoric & superior debating skills impressed & dazzled Trump’s supporters…

  4. munkifisht

    Those are polls based on politically active people registering their vote. The lunies that follow Trump are likely biasing the results. Properly conducted polls had Clinton massively ahead and a quick Google News search shows most news outlets are reporting Clinton crushed Trump.

  5. ceo

    It’s messed up. The country seem destined to elect a moron* as president. All he seemed to be saying last night was… “blah blah, jobs are leaving the country, blah blah China blah blah, trade deal bad blah blah China”.

    * OK, so George W, but this guy!

  6. petey

    remember, these are polls of combox warriors, who are overwhelmingly rightwingers. might as well have taken polls in local democratic clubs.

  7. Serval

    I watched it from start to finish.
    If I had a vote I wouldn’t vote for either of them. I was a Bernie supporter.
    However, I thought Trump easily won the debate in terms of those who want to vote for one of them but don’t know yet which one to vote for – I think he would be far more likely to pull those people to his side from last night’s debate.
    Most people don’t have time to fact-check before, during or afterwards so he can say whatever he wants and he says things in a far more convincing way than she does.
    People are angry and they can relate to his anger and his strong comments and his interrupting. People are sick of politics-as-usual.
    Her calm, smiling statements trying to make him look bad aren’t half as appealing.
    I watched it Hillary supporters who thought she did well but those who had already made up their mind aren’t the important audience in this.
    I really hate Hillary but I obviously couldn’t justify voting for Trump either.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      “I thought Trump easily won the debate in terms of those who want to vote for one of them but don’t know yet which one to vote for – I think he would be far more likely to pull those people to his side from last night’s debate.”

      Hillary Clinton clear debate winner among group of undecided voters

      This Group of Undecided Voters Watched the Debate. They Think Hillary Clinton Won.

    2. MoyestWithExcitement

      “I thought Trump easily won the debate in terms of those who want to vote for one of them but don’t know yet which one to vote for – I think he would be far more likely to pull those people to his side from last night’s debate.”

      The data disagrees with you. A post of mine is still in moderation but if you simply Google ‘trump clinton debate undecided voters’, the first two links are from the Guardian and Time reporting on how undecided voters clearly thought Clinton won. I would suggest your perspective is highly tainted by negative emotions towards her.

        1. Sido

          Guardian calling it for Hillary the then Moyest? Its always nice to know the views of a serious news broadcaster :-)

          1. Nigel

            More credible than a bunch of internet polls calling it for a man who is basically the patronus of right-wing internet trolls, in fairness.

          2. Captain freegear

            Ha you calling anyone a troll is laughable Nigel; you spend your days weaving straw man arguments under a fake name

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            No, a group of undecided voters that The Guardian reported on called it for her. As did a group of undecided voters that Time reported on. You seem to have serious problems reading simple English. It explains a lot.

    3. realPolithicks

      “I watched it from start to finish.”

      Based on your comments I can only assume you were blind drunk while watching this debate. Anybody who watched and came away thinking Trump won are either nuts, drunk or both.

      1. Sido

        The best and most thought provoking comment I’ve heard are those that watched it on telly are calling it for Hillary. Those who listened on Radio are calling it for Trump.

  8. Murtles

    The fact Trump has gotten so far at this stage, it’s evident there are people pulling strings to get him elected and be their puppet. Even if every voter votes for Hillary, it’ll be Trump that will emerge as winner. Not the first time an election will be rigged.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      No, it just means that working class people are finally done after years of being fleeced by Reganomics. Some of those working class people blame corporate lobbyists. Others blame politicians and foreign working class people and idolise the corporations.

    2. :-Joe

      It’s possible but you’re acting like either of them matter in the grand scheme of things.

      You literally could have a “Turd sandwich and giant douche” up there to replace them and it wouldn’t make a huAAGE difference.


  9. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

    I’m not sure I can actually watch this. It’s like Brexit but even more fupped up.

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Nope. Add to that people being told to fupp off home on the train/tube/bus, people telling hijabis to go home (um derp, they grew up in London, they are home), the murder of Jo Cox. All because of scared little wimps like you.

            Go look at some kittens and cheer yourself up, like a good little boy.

  10. jimmy russell

    these polls are fixed trump is literally hitler he shouldnt be allowed to be president even if he is elected we need to take democracy back from the uneducated and the ignorant it’s just like brexit all over again the people’s voice was overshadowed by the mob.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I get your point but maybe you could tell me, under a different name of course, if your defence of your highly simplistic theory on democracy still stands if people were to ACTUALLY elect someone akin to Hitler?

    2. Niallo

      Literally… So it is written somewhere ?
      To deny anyone the right to vote is a little un-democratic is it not ?
      Given an actual choice between Hitler and HC, I’ll wager a surprising number of your average Hank and Myrtle’s would go with Mr Hitler.
      In any event, one of these two clowns is going to preside over ww3.
      Question is, who will Hank and Myrtle trust with the big red button ? The crook, or the one who’s catchphrase is “your fired”

  11. DubLoony

    Ht the poll, clear cache & retake or automate the process.
    Did they check for ip address duplication? Very easy to fake online polls. Ask The Journal!

    I stayed up to watch, regretting it now am cross eyed.
    He could not answer any question straight, gave mumbled responses and is a travesty on democracy in the US.
    She was prepared, had facts, figures, coherent plan, was relaxed and hit him where it hurt – in his taxes.

    1. Bob

      Yeah, I was one of the idiots who stayed up to watch it too. I can’t understand how anyone can even pretend Trump one. There’s even a tweet from Stormfront saying Clinton one.

    2. Lush

      I too stayed up; wanted to see what he was all about.
      It was like a waking nightmare.
      And yet, they will probably elect him.

  12. Zuppy International

    The people don’t matter; only the strategy. The Deep State wins because they control all sides.

    “The key here is Donald is receiving more publicity than Hillary, and by attacking him for being an America Firster his polls have risen dramatically. The public loves it so the Masters of the Universe are helping him. The military industries have to be repatriated as we no longer control the seas and this will require either currency adjustments or tariffs. Hence, Donald’s correct calls for an end to currency rigging which had as part of their purpose the building up of Germany and Japan at the sacrifice of our industries. Absurd that we did that but that is how it was. That is ending now with Donald and the emergency situation of lack of control of the Pacific Ocean for the component transportation by sea for our military production. Japan and Germany will be cut loose.”


  13. Daisy Chainsaw

    He’s a reality show joke. Imagine if Peter Andre ran for office in the UK, or one of the “cast” of Tallafornia ran here?

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      UKIP have done pretty well. Lots of people are blaming their troubles on foreigners these days. Lots more, like. Boris Johnson, a man who referred to black people as picanninies and said Obama didn’t like the UK because of his African heritage, was the face of the Brexit campaign and is now foreign secretary. (Also, it’s “interesting” that nobody is talking about the Conservative’s racism problem considering Corbyn had to deal with a manufactured anti semitism problem because Ken Livingstone said something fairly stupid about Israel’s treatment of Palestine. But that’s for another day)

  14. some old queen

    People are attracted to Trump because he is not a politician. He could loose on every point in every debate and still win the election because the system is so broken that anything is better than the status quo.

    1. Nigel

      Which is stupid because he is absolutely rock-solid cast-iron guaranteed to just be a significantly worse version of the status quo, for varying values of worse depending on how poor you are. They pick a vapid rich crooked con-man as their alternative to the status quo? That’s the most messed up thing of all. At least the other side gave Bernie Sanders a real shot as their alternative.

      1. some old queen

        Yes it is stupid but also not wrong. American capitalism is eating itself out and their version of democracy really is a reality show with no substance.

        Not that ours is any different.

  15. Painkiller

    Who is the underdog and who is the insider who has the vested interested? These are the things people seem to be confused about.

    When Clinton blamed the 2008 crisis on Reganomics, Trump should have stated that the Glass-Stegal Act was undone under Bill Clinton’s watch. When she accused him of being elite and out of touch, he should have reminded her that her daughters wedding cost $5m, while her husband earned $400k a year a president. Whether she represents middle class people should not be a question in this.

    1. Nigel

      But voters are used to those particular contradictions – rich men and women claiming to be standing up for poor and the middle class voters – rhetoric calling attention to it is just business as usual. The only thing that makes Trumo an outsider in any meaningful sense is is woeful lack of experience, which Republicans hammered Obama for. Everything else is irrational hatred of Clinton, irrational sense of entitlement, and a slightly more rational sense that their government rules more for wealthy elites than for them. Trump supporters don’t care, everyone else has to be persuaded that they’re as bad as each other, which is easy because she’s been monstered by the Republicans for thirty years, she’s a woman, and she has done stuff that can be heavily criticised, particularly by liberals. Turning it around, she’s the one who’s doing amazingly well in the face of all that.

      1. Painkiller

        I agree with you but she’s no “new deal” democrat, which is closer to what Sanders seemed to represent. It looks like she has consumed some his campaign spirit in a very insincere way. If she works out to be a bad president, then won’t really inspire women to get into politics. Personally, I would vote democrat, but they need to run the candidate people want, not what’s good for the democratic hq – i.e. the status quo.

        Most advanced democracy in the world and it’s blue corner vs red corner in a rigged game. It’s been like that for a while now!

        1. Nigel

          She’s depressingly centre-right for a liberal politician. but she’s not likely to be much worse of a president than Obama, for whatever that’s worth.

  16. Junkface

    Clinton deffo won that debate. Trump was a rambling, looping moron. He repeated the same points for 2 hours and lost his cool, started shouting and ended with more jibberish. He really does bring down the tone of a debate quickly, then introduces bargaining (Show us your emails and I’ll release my Tax returns). He has no substance, no plan, is a total fraud and belongs in the schoolyard arguing with the under 12s. CBS news have Hilary winning, as do most of the US news media. You would have to be stupid to think Trump actually won the debate.


    1. Serval

      “Trump was a rambling, looping moron…. He has no substance, no plan, is a total fraud and belongs in the schoolyard arguing with the under 12s.”
      Yes, but I bet that was your opinion of him before the debate took place.

      For anyone who didn’t already think he was a lying asshole, bigot, loose-canon, etc, I don’t there was much in that debate to make them suddenly realise, “oh, he’s a disaster” – like, if they didn’t know it already, they’re pretty dim.
      From what I saw, there was nothing in the debate that would convince such people to vote against him.

      On the other hand, for those who are looking for something from Hillary I don’t think she showed anything to get the swing voters on her side.
      He was more passionate, she came across as calculatedly, faking broad smiles to hide her fear and nervousness.
      He didn’t seem nervous at all. People like how he comes across as human and not like the typical politician.
      She still comes across as too calculated and inhuman and fake.

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