I Asked Him To Bail It Tomorra




This morning.

A hay truck sheds its load in Ardee, County Louth bending a telegraph pole, destroying the door of a boozer and possibly damaging Ardee’s chances at next year’s Tidy Towns.

More as we get it.

Ardee, Hay! Early morning chaos on Bridge Street (ThisIsArdee.ie)

Pics Aidan Crawley

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25 thoughts on “I Asked Him To Bail It Tomorra

        1. Dash Rickwood

          If you’ve a minute, ring their Garda station and try not to howl with laughter when the person who picks up says ‘hey-oh? Ardee ngyardai?

  1. BobbyJ

    I’ve had many a pint of stout in Hamill’s (Enda’s) over the years. Exterior of the bar features in the “Architectural Heritage of County Louth” by the NIAH. Hope no significant damage has occured.

    & yes, we are all spoofers;)

        1. Neilo

          *Wiggles eyebrows suggestively and lights out for the hills in a moth-eaten MGB like the deluded, aging roué he is*

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