13 thoughts on “Lorraine & Bart

  1. ivan

    I was never as much gone on John Peel as I think one is meant to, but for the following Top of the Pops intro, the man should’ve been canonized

    “and now, putting the tree in country, it’s Big Country….”

    1. Cot

      John Peel was lucky to die when he did, otherwise I’d say he’d be dealing with the same questions that many DJs are now having to answer re. young groupies and sex.

      1. Gero

        I’d say you’re right Cot. Bowie has almost been canonised since he shuffled off and very little mentioned about his more than dubious reputation.

        1. ivan

          I’m not gonna bother with ‘the past was a different country’ (although it was) but suffice it to say that Bowie visited the UK in 2014 and there was no Inspector Knacker of the Yard awaiting him at Heathrow…and jaykers if ever there was a prize fish to land, The Thin White Duke was it, no?

          Agreed on Peel…

    1. MsTStruction

      What amazing high-brow music were you listening to 20 or 30 years ago? If you say you’re too young, then you should really refrain from commenting.

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