Sky Sports talks to horse trainer Willie Mullins after jump horse owner and petulant miser Michael O’Leary took away all the horses owned by him from Mullins’ yard this morning.

*locks stable door*


Michael O’Leary in shock split with Mullins yard (RTÉ)

Pic: Sportsfile

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24 thoughts on “Unstable

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        I keep saying that thing which rhymes with kite – and they transform it into ‘poo’, which makes me sound like a stroppy toddler!

  1. Fully Keen

    Rich people doing rich people things.

    Horse people are very important in this country.

    Or so we keep getting told.

  2. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    Would horse racing have much of a following if you took away the gambling aspect? I always thought of it as a lesser sport because of this. Plus, you know, horse burgers.

      1. Gorev Mahagut

        Sport is inherently tedious. Interest cannot be sustained unless something personally precious is risked in the outcome: be it parochial pride, or one’s actual property. In this it differs from other spectacles, such as dance, theatre and music, where enjoyment of the demonstrated skill is its own reward.

        1. Gero

          Wow.That must be the most smug comment I’ve read in a long while, go raibh maith agat indeed! You may not appreciate the skill, artistry or physical endeavour of whatever sport you want to rail against but many billions of not so smug people on the planet do. The appreciation of art and sport are not mutally exclusive either, look to the ancient Greeks.

  3. :-Joe

    Whoa Nelly…..

    Willy and Mickey havin a fight about horses and cash….

    No suprise, O’Leary always was a tight bottom…. he’s probably privatising is whole operation somehow to cut costs and keep the shareholders happy.


  4. Redtop

    Give these guys a break. Both of them acquired their wealth through hard graft. They did not inherit it like others. Rather than trying to drag them down, we should aspire to having a similar work ethic. The country would be a much better place.

    1. Redtop

      Jumping to conclusions ?
      The article shows that one the top trainers horses are being tested. Looks like standard procedure to me and I am sure they are getting full co-operation from the stable. “Being Tested” does not mean “Guilty”.

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