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    1. Starina

      so you equate grafitti declaring “repeal” to be the same as graffiti threatening and name-calling a specific person? i see…

    2. Gah!

      There is a massive difference between street art and threatening graffiti, yes. Sides are irrelevant. This sort of graffiti carries an implicit threat that worse is to come.

          1. well

            An education would broaden their perspective.

            Look at Bredas son Ben, he’s home-schooled… says all you need to know.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Right so anyone who disagrees with your opinions is uneducated and/or home schooled”

            No, they specifically said education would make people more likely to be pro choice. It’s your inferiority complex that has you extrapolating that out to include every opinion.

          3. Jusayinlike

            I don’t see the correlation between education or a lack of and the likely hood of being either pro one way or the other

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            Right. And your inferiority complex has extrapolated that out to include every opinion when it’s specifically about abortion. You can’t provide a coherent counter to that statement so you pretend it’s a completely different statement and paint yourself as a borderline pseudo martyr of an elitist liberal narrative. It’s a very old, transparent and silly tactic.

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            “I don’t see the correlation between education or a lack of and the likely hood of being either pro one way or the other”

            The more educated you are, the less religious you probably are. Christianity is big business in in Africa and South America. Not so much in Scandinavia. For instance.

          6. Jusayinlike

            As is your need to insult as a means to drive your opinion down someones throat, the point still is that people can’t label other people uneducated for having an opposing opinion and all your tinfoil hat pseudo science skeptic rubbish won’t prove a thing

          7. MoyestWithExcitement

            “the point still is that people can’t label other people uneducated for having an opposing opinion”

            Yes they can. Some opinions are stupid, dangerous and not worthy of respect. You are just whining that people who share your uneducated opinions aren’t being respected.

          8. MoyestWithExcitement

            And I’m well within my rights to say you’re just whining that a stupid opinion you hold is recognised as stupid.

          9. Daisy Chainsaw

            Zupp, half the time you don’t have a clue what YOU mean, never mind trying to interpret anyone else!

          10. Zuppy International

            @ Daisy Chainsaw

            Pfft. I know exactly what I mean: abortion is murder. You dance around the issue by pretending you’re not killing a baby – that it’s just a bunch of cells, or a zygote, or a fetus – and by doing so you refuse to let a woman take full responsibility for her actions. You refuse to acknowledge that abortion is dangerous for a woman’s heath, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You pretend that your choice is a right and when your choice goes wrong you get to make another choice. You deny the reality of a worldwide abortion industry that kills 40 million babies every year and in the USA alone has a turn over upwards of a billion dollars annually. You deny the reality that the abortion machine sells dead babies to other mysterious corporations for mysterious purpose.You infantalise women where as I insist they be grown ups. If they want to kill their baby they should make an informed choice about their intentions and actions before proceeding. They should know exactly what they are doing so they can prepare for the consequences.

            You’re a coward refusing to see the moral consequence of your murderous philosophy because you refuse to call it murder. You deny the reality of this ‘final solution’ and then you look down on people who disagree with you hinting that they are your intellectual inferiors whereas, in truth, they probably have more direct connection to the concepts of right and wrong, concepts that your so-called ‘education’ seems to have erased from your heart. If it’s anything like the other “snowflakes” I see it is, in fact, less of an education and instead a longer, more expensive form of fascist feminist programming.

            You’re a child Daisy, threatened by the truth. Abortion is a grown-up business and you’re not prepared for the consequences.

    3. mamma roma

      What do you see Eamonn? You don’t strike me as someone who sees anything, quite the opposite, you see what you are told to see and go with it like a sheep. A mindless ruminant.

          1. well

            “No your ”

            You mean “You’re” as in “you are”.

            Since you’re going to be commenting on my grammar :)

          2. Jusayinlike

            I don’t have to convince you of anything, you claimed pro lifers are all uneducated and if anything you have failed to prove that

            Like I said a child in amongst the adults

    4. munkifisht

      Well Eamonn, this is the dumbest comment I’ve read in quite a while. Congrats. Firstly, it’s the Repeal side. The 8th side (if it is such a thing) would be the one that is in support of women dying,… sorry, slip of hte finger, I mean anti choice. Next this is a scrawled brain fart of a knuckle dragger who want’s to use threats of violence usually adopted by the mentally defunct and has absolutely no artistic merit. The Repeal mural was a work of well thought out and executed street art. The two are incomparable.

      1. Neilo

        @Well: indeed, you’re right. The ‘artist’ should be asked to restore the paint job on the representatives’ offices.

        1. well

          I have to say their writing is awful but whoever painted that knew what colour to pick.
          Yellow contrasts well with red. They thought about it.

    1. nellyb

      Nah, just bored blow-in with leftover paint. Devouts would have bothered with letter stencils, they do respect their cause.

  1. DubLoony

    Did people think that this would be a re-run of the cheerful marref?

    This is going to be nasty in ways not experienced since 1983.

  2. Drogg

    Out of where? out of his office? out of his party? out of cork? like its not a very clear message, when people used to write Brits out the message was clear what they meant so is this basically some IRA leftover in cork who was just missing tagging everything? maybe he should do a marketing course learn how to deliver his message more clearly and then go out and tag buildings.

  3. fluffybiscuits

    Absolute vile scum.

    There is no comparison to putting a banner off a cathedral which can be removed and putting graffiti (which is a criminal act) on a building.

    Dont excuse the bigotry….

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I’m going to guess he doesn’t regard someone as vilw scum for merely putting paint on a wall.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      I’m not at all outraged. This crap is par for the course, and there’ll be a lot more of it – get used to it. In the 80’s the YD Stormtroopers actually got physical with people at demonstrations. No matter, last sting of a dieing wasp?

      1. Jusayinlike

        The message is crude and unnecessary obviously, I’m pro choice however saying that all pro lifers are uneducated vandals is patently wrong, that’s the outrage I’m on about

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            You’re not pro choice. “I have this liberal opinion which gives me the licence to chastise and judge and demean liberals with this opinion” is another old and transparent tactic.

          2. Jusayinlike

            And obviously if your pro choice you have to agree with all others of your ilk, and obviously your the party whip are you?

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            I really didn’t. Something about me being a party whip? It was an incoherent mess of a post. If you want to calm down and type it again, that would be lovely.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Crude and unnecessary? You’re whining about people saying education makes people more likely to be pro choice and you think a message of “Baby Killer Out” is “crude and unnecessary”. Jesus.

          1. Jusayinlike

            It is crude and unnecessary as is labelling people of a certain social leaning as being uneducated just because of a couple of ding bats

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            Yeah but you got emotional about the education comment and you had to force out “crude and unnecessary” for someone writing “Baby Killer Out”. You’re not doing empathy very well.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            So your intent was to offend? You’re some 20 year old YD volunteer, aren’t you. Cheeky scamp.

          4. Jusayinlike

            Well seeing as its ok for you to state such things, by that sentiment I can also say that your not very bright and show yourself to be a charlatan who is unable to discuss this without using petty insults to support your opinion

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            You can do whatever you like and I’m free to recognise you have no argument so you’re essentially screaming ‘I know you are but what am I’ at me.

          6. Jusayinlike

            My original point stands you have made no point whatsoever do as you please you have done just that so far so why bother stopping

  4. rotide

    Badly scrawled pro-life graffitti – Criminal Vandalsim
    Badly scrawled pro-choice grafitti – Commendable activism.

    Spoiler: They’re both eyesores.

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