Careful, Man, There’s A Beverage Here



Free next Saturday?

Ruairi O’Hagan writes:

Feis Lebowski, Cork’s little Big Lebowski festival is back!

The night takes place on October 8th upstairs in the Roundy on Castle Street (near Argos for those unfamiliar). Doors will open at 8 where you can sip on a White Russian and chat to fellow Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (and proud we are of all of them).

DJ El Duderino will be dipping into his record collection to spin some tunes before the movie – and yes, there is a strict “No Eagles” policy. No Metallica either. Bunch of a**holes.

Achievers are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite character from the movie – be it The Dude, Donny, Walter, Jesus, The Stranger, Maude, Bunny, whoever. The best costume on the night will receive a very special prize, along with being crowned Feis Lebowski King or Queen for 2016.

The movie will then start at 9.30pm, where Achievers are encouraged to laugh along/quote along/sing along.

Following the movie, we’ll be giving away Lebowski-themed prizes, before DJ El Duderino takes us on home and gets everyone on the dance floor.

Admission on the door is 10 Euro (or bones, or clams, or whatever you call them) – every single penny of which will be going to the Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

Capacity is limited so come along early – we’re not pre-selling tickets and we won’t be keeping tickets on the night for anyone, so it’s first come first served.

Feis Lebowski Cork

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  1. scottser

    there is a strict “No Eagles” policy. No Metallica either. Bunch of a**holes
    yeah, well, that’s just your, like, opinion, man..

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