‘I Didn’t Even Get To Know Her’




Thomas Quigley writes:

I bought a brand new bicycle yesterday and it was stolen from the bike cage in the underground car park of my building in the Ashbrook estate in Clontarf, Co Dublin.

It didn’t even last 24 hours. I didn’t even get to know her. I was hoping you could spread awareness in case people spot it online or in the city. Appreciate any help.


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10 thoughts on “‘I Didn’t Even Get To Know Her’

  1. Increasing Displacement

    Seriously cyclists, you can buy a GPS tracker that looks like a light. There’s a ton of them available we new more discrete ones coming out all the time. They range in price from 50-150. Do it. Be worth it just to catch them.

  2. DarDar

    A guy at work told me that the Gardaí host an inventory of serial numbers and owner details for bikes. So if your stolen bike turns up they can contact you. Does anyone know if this is true and if so can you share the link? Thanks.

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