Downhill From Here



Three months ago, on the QT, tabby cat Nutmeg celebrated his 31st birthday, and rather than give up on his dreams and get a real job, he’s still lounging around at home on the shelf.

Nutmeg, who had a stroke last year, is a contender for world’s oldest cat,. His owners Liz and Ian Finlay claim he was about five years old when he showed up in their backyard in 1990.

Verifying it for Guinness World Records is proving a mite tricky, but it’s in the works.

If he’s not spoofing, Nutmeg beats out the current verifiable title-holder Corduroy, a kittenish 26 years old.

He’s aged very well, in fairness:



World’s Oldest Cat is 31 – Bored Panda

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11 thoughts on “Downhill From Here

  1. Kevin Finnerty

    My cat died a couple of weeks ago aged 19.

    Deaf and blind for the past 6 months.

    Just thought I’d share that.

    Happy Friday!

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I’m sorry you lost your cat-buddy.

      Have a hug and some love.

      From a fellow Cat-Person

    2. Starina

      I’m so sorry. Don’t let anybody try to take away your right to grieve for your cat-buddy. As Mildred said, have some hugs!

      (I hope my cats last at least 19 years.)

    3. Mayav

      I will knock some of my housemates belongings off the shelves for no reason as she watches tonight in your cat’s honour.

    4. Kevin Finnerty

      Was anticipating sarcastic remarks but your comments are much appreciated and have restored my faith in the broadsheet commentariat.

      Thanks guys : )

      1. Joe Small

        I had the same cat from aged 7 to 28, so we grew up together. Its still a little strange not seeing her around. Its nice to have a childhood pet that’s always there as you grow up. I hope, in time, you get another cat. It won’t be the same at all but still.

  2. 46788a/7

    Too much daily edge wordy blah blah. The cat pics and a link are enough. No offence bs just hate posts shytin on for the sake of it

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