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Rory P writes:

On October 5, the Seanad voted on a motion calling on the Irish Government to reject provisional application of CETA (Canadian version of TTIP.)

This means the Irish parliament became the first parliament in the world to take a vote on CETA. Which sounds impressive.

What sounds even more impressive, the motion passed! (By one vote.)

I’m wondering though, what does it mean? What effect does passing this motion ultimately have?


Update: The dystopian world of CETA and new respect for Ireland’s Senate (Dr Cara Augustenborg)

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9 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. rotide

    Nothing whatsoever, it’s a seanad motion and means nothing.

    AFAIK nothing has been voted on in the dail yet.

    1. Jake38

      I missed the Seanad bit.

      I will sleep better tonight knowing such important work is being conducted on our behalf by the doughty denizens of our upper house.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    FG opposed / FF did their bit and abstained.

    Everyone else was in favour of stopping it. I too am impressed, but yeah, it’s a Seanad vote so will only give an indication of how the vote may go when in the Dáil.

    Good News Friday… or Good Hope Friday at least :)

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