Staying In Tomorrow?



Need more Carrigstown and Kerry Katona?

Read on.

Sinead Harrington writes:

Former girl group star and reality TV queen Kerry Katona will be live in studio with Ray to discuss reuniting with her husband George Kay, juggling work with five children and will also reveal her plans for the future.

To mark its recent 4,000th episode, three Fair City stars will join Ray on the couch. Actor Bryan Murray who plays lovable rogue Bob, Rebecca Grimes who plays sex siren Hayley and Tony Tormey whose character love rat Paul Brennan has everyone talking, will chat about life on Carrigstown and give Ray the low down on a few behind-the-scenes secrets!

Writer Sophie White will share her powerful story about suffering from a bad ecstasy trip at Electric Picnic, which led to her having a breakdown…

…Two well known faces will go head to head in a lip sync battle in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation’s ‘Fake some Noise’ campaign. And musical lovers are in for treat as the stars of the West End musical version of The Commitments will also perform a special medley of some of their biggest hits.

*kicks telly, heads to McCoy’s*


The Ray D’Arcy Show this Saturday 8th October, RTÉ One, 9:35pm.

Pic: RTÉ

40 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

      1. Neilo

        You’re communicating with a cove who has voluntarily watched at least 3,000 of these episodes and is beyond help.

        1. jeremy kyle

          I was actually trying to quote Harry Molly! haha I thought he was the guy who said “yer wha?” a lot.

  1. wearnicehats

    I’m old enough to fondly remember when TV channels showed a good old movie of a weekend. Now all we get is an endless parade of reality TV morons and inane vacuous imbeciles flogging themselves against an array of lobbed questions from equally inane “interviewers”. It’s really not fair for those of us who can’t, for one reason or another, head out to the Hairy Lemon for the night. If anyone is interested I have killed 2 birds with one stone – I can still enjoy the same level of entertainment whilst paying not one jot towards a TV Licence. I have simply bought an old fish-tank, filled it with dog poo, and set it in the corner of the room. The long winter evenings will fly by.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      You could throw in a few glow in the dark pebbles, and a nice lego ship… and you could be watching Pirates of the Poonariaum !

      Give it a stir for stormy weather and add to the drama !

    2. ReproBertie

      RTÉ 2 are showing films tonight and tomorrow night to spare us from the chat shows and talent competitions. Sadly the films are The Guilt Trip and the remake of The Taking of Pelham123.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    KarKrash Katona flogging a book, perfume and/or weigtloss DVD, blaming her sad existance on Rmam, RBryan, RGeorge Rkids, Me Bahpolar… So glad I don’t have a tv licence. I’d resent paying for a waste of skin and oxygen like that.

  3. Rainy Day

    How many people actually watch this poo?

    Surely your time would be much better spent buying a good book and turning off the tv rather than subject your brain to this absolute drivel…that is of course if you are not going out.

    1. Mayav

      “Surely your time would be much better spent buying a good book and turning off the tv rather than subject your brain to this absolute drivel”

      You are saying this on a message board on the internet.

    2. Kerri Ann

      It is monstrously successful. Every episode makes the top ten across all channels, regularly beating even inexplicable eye-magnet The Late Late Show. Viewing figures average over half a million, with peaks of 700,000 and up whenever a beloved character falls out of a tree or gets his stepmother pregnant.

      It’s also the most popular programme on the International RTE Player, with God knows how many thousand expats murmuring a teary “yer wha?” into their whiskey four times a week.

      Books, on the other hand, sell so poorly that even the writers you’ve heard of have to drink their own wee to save tea-bags.

        1. Kerri Ann

          Ah, gotcha. That’s just two people in Cavan who switched over to watch Declan Nerney in 2006 and can’t find the remote.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Well now I look like a focking eejit as you deleted the comment I thought was totes horsh.

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