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LUXrelease new single Blank Page

What you may need to know…

01. On the outer reaches of the Cork scene (Youghal, to be precise) lies electronic duo LUX.

02. Comprised of producer Claire Regan (f.k.a. Spill and Ambience) and vocalist Colin Lee, the duo specialise in synthpop that marries the eighties’ more downbeat sensibilities with ambient & classical leanings.

03. Slowly developing a body of work over the last three years, the duo began with a pair of singles, Warmsad and Vital Signs, before setting about limited live engagements around Cork city and county and releasing follow-up single Solace last year.

04. Streaming above is new single Blank Page. A video is enroute and another new tune on the way shortly, according to the band.

Verdict: Informed by the past without resorting to nostalgia, and possessed of a lingering melancholia, Lux’s music moves in ebbs and flows.


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