You May Like This: ZINC



Zincdebut album from Galway trio

What you may need to know…

01. Galway post-rock/electronica trio Zinc have brought those bordering-on-arrogant grooves you ordered.

02. Forming in 2014, the trio quickly set about jamming out melodies and textures in equal measure, and empowered by a Galway City Council grant last year, put down their first full-length this year, with production from Solar Bears’ Rian Trench.

03. Streaming above is the band’s eponymous debut album, available now for download via Bandcamp.

04. Having launched the long-player with gigs at Galway Jazz Festival and the An Áit Eile weekender this past week, more dates are to be announced shortly.

Verdict: Sparse soundscaping meets unnecessarily fat bass and some seriously cocky percussion. Possibly one of the year’s low-key highlights.


2 thoughts on “You May Like This: ZINC

  1. Birneybau2

    “bordering-on-arrogant grooves you ordered.”

    “unnecessarily fat bass and some seriously cocky percussion”


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