15 thoughts on “Partially Disabled

  1. edalicious

    In fairness, this is probably just someone leaving enough space for their handicapped passenger to get out. That’s kind of the point of those spaces. Seriously weak post.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Looks like there’s a car parked right up to the line in the space to the left. Parking just on the blue area would make for a difficult egress with a disabled passenger. Looks like a sensible move to me.

    1. Tony

      Oh the disabled are ‘weak’ are they allot. Ever see the Paralympics did you? Ever think for a second what these ‘ weaklings’ have to overcome and put up with every day? No, I suppose not. ‘Too busy calling them ‘weak’. Sc**bag

      1. Optimus Grime

        Amazing inference there from Tony into my views on the handicapped members of society. Tony’s handicap being a lack of a sense of humour and an inability to abstract his reasoning beyond the literal.

        1. Tony

          ‘Handicapped’ now is it? Gets called out for being a scumbag. Defends himself by showing he’s an even bigger scumbag. Nice one genius

          1. Optimus Grime

            hahahahahaha a day in your company Tony we need to arrange it. Do you walk around being outraged by everything?

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