24 thoughts on “Work To Rule

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    What about some of them who do door security in clubs? Is that knocked on the head too on the 4th. And as for the tiny minority who are in the pay of druglords…I suppose they’ll just put their phones on silent for the day?

  2. Marian

    Meh, Guards have to be looked after. They have pledged allegiance and will put their lives on the line when ordered.

    Anyway, the protest isn’t about pay. It’s a protest about immoral tax and property prices.

    There are consequences to allowing a runaway property market and attempting to tax the middle classes [former middle classes] out of existence while propping up the Welfare State so that scum get to live better than young guards.

    Anyway, it’s now a very serious problem on the desk of the minister. Completely unexpected, of course.

    1. Boy M5

      One thing that this government is NOT doing is propping up the welfare state unless by that you mean tax breaks for the already wealthy and ignoring white collar crime.

      1. Neilo

        2.2 billion per month in the Social Welfare vote: if that ain’t propping up, I don’t know what is.

        1. Boy M5

          I suppose you think that’s all going to working class single mothers buying booze and smokes and going to the Canaries every chance they get?

          Or do you think maybe it also goes towards people with disabilities, long term illnesses, fostered children, people who work minimum wage jobs and need help feeding their kids, people who are temporarily out of work, all the other needs of some citizens that a compassionate state aims to meet?

          And real monthly figure is actually €1.6 billion by the way.

          1. Peter Dempsey

            Boy M5
            We get it. You’re annoyed that white collar crime goes unpunished (mostly).

            What about violent crimes against the person? The ones that get light sentences or even suspended ones. Are they ok if carried out by the working class?

    2. Paddy

      Immoral tax? Like the immorality of LPT ( that was given to IW, which had unbridled access to the self-same Gardai providing security regardless of the legality and f some of their actions).

  3. phil

    If a Garda was yoiur landlord, would it be cheeky to not pay your rent for those days , to protest the high costs of rent….

    No, You are right its silly

  4. Boy M5

    Nobody will notice a any difference. Most of them just lean against a wall while on their phones as cars fly past in the bus lane.

    1. ahjayzis

      We do have an almost invisible police force, you’re right there.

      Dublin *feels* underpoliced, unprotected. Any other European city you can actually see them, they have a street presence.

      1. Joe

        visibility is key to policing, whatever happened them Garda on the segways ud see around Dublin city centre.

      2. Neilo

        Too many peelers stamping forms and staring into screens, even if the end-to-end admin is not what they signed up for. See also: nurses.

  5. Truth in the News

    Perhaps Kenny will re-establish the Blueshirts to keep law and order
    FF this time might vouch for the perspective applicants, a supply and
    confidence initiative.

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