Lentil-groper and US Presidential candidate Jill Stein, of the Green Party discusses the prospect of a Hillary Clinton White House in the wake of the recent Wikileaks revelations.

Armageddon out of here.

Podesta12 Emails (Wikileaks)

Thanks Paudge

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46 thoughts on “Jill On Hill

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        Well I didn’t want to confuse you like yesterday champ! You’ll enjoy this one, its about your speed. Plus doggies.

          1. Mr Reality

            The content is irrelevant, it’s a YouTube video, you castigated yday eat your humble pie today

          2. some old queen

            I’ll be having the cheap high protein poo which is not deep fried, has no breadcrumbs and not poisoned by sugar and salt.



  1. some old queen

    So Hillary = WWIII? No mention of Putin or what he intends so, it’s all going to be Hillary’s fault. She is planning the end of the civilised world so.

    That’s even worst than the Trump spin.

    1. Mr Reality

      Obama and Hillary bomb the hell out of Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria and your concerned about Putin absolutely hilarious, Hillary Clinton press club here

      1. some old queen

        Ms. President

        Does that unsettle you? Question your own perceptions at some level?

        Being dragged down by a fake clown will not change history. It is going to happen sweetheart. Deal with it.

        1. Mr Reality

          Are they lyrics from a song?

          Ms president ha she can barely stand up on her own and will be lucky to make swearing in

        1. Mr Reality

          Ok Bob enlighten me on what you mean by black and white?
          I’d imagine you think I’m pro trump because I’m not a fan of Hillary, I’m a fan of neither so with that in mind explain what you mean by black and white..

        2. some old queen

          Nothing against Protestant Northern Queens but never before has there been so much spin at such a granular level.

          I am as black and white as you are at your target BMI.

          1. Mr Reality

            What spin like your pathetic attempt at starting a debate about why Hillary hid 30k emails to protect homeland security, yea ok

          2. realPolithicks

            “What spin like your pathetic attempt at starting a debate about why Hillary hid 30k emails to protect homeland security, yea ok”

            Brought to you by the ironically named “Mr Reality”.

    2. Jordofthejungle

      More conspiracy crap. The USA is the sum of all evil while Putin et al are cuddly misunderstood nice guys. The Kremlin couldn’t even make some of these fools up.

        1. Jordofthejungle

          Your tinfoil hat, you dropped it…

          Off you go to Russia. Lovely place. Delightful regime.


          1. Mr Reality

            Ha ha ok Jordan the crayons are over in the corner there try not to lick the window too much yea

      1. some old queen

        Is Córas Iompair Éireann somehow connected to The Kremlin?

        Just asking for a friend like.

        1. Mr Reality

          Relax Rory it’s not like he’s giving Alex Jones a column, I think your more upset about the Hillary bashing tbh

    1. Mr Reality

      You mean “not Hillary bashing again” really don’t you Rory..
      Admittedly infowars is really bad though..

  2. ahjayzis

    Jill works for Trump, so.

    Idiots can’t get this through their skulls – it’s a rigged system. After the primaries there is a choice of TWO people. Jill Stein cannot be president – every vote for her is a vote for Trump.

    It’s a rotten system, but you change it by electing state legislators, then congressmen, then senators, then governors, working your way up. You don’t show up once every four years in a quixotic tilt at THE top job.

    When people follow what people like Jill say to do, you get 8 years of a Bush presidency. Thank you Ralph Nader.

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