Nialler9 writes:

TXFM is going off air for good [today].

Back in March, it was announced that the station’s owners did not renew the licence for the station and it would cease at the end of October. Wednesday, the 26th, to be precise I finished my show in June.

One of TXFM’s remaining daytime presenters Claire Beck is a huge John Grant fan, so much so she played Queen Of Denmark, live in full as her album pick this week as part of the station’s closing programming.

[Yesterday] though, she was surprised live on air when JG walked in to the studio unannounced and wished her well with some flowers. The pair then had a lovely chat (after the initial shock).


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Here’s the moment John Grant surprised Claire Beck live on TXFM (Nialler9)

40 thoughts on “Wish Granted

  1. Vote Rep #1

    TXFM going annoys me. IMO the best music playing radio station and possibly the only one not to play the exact same songs as all the other stations seem to play.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      True, they didn’t have the same songs on repeat as the other stations.

      They had their own selection of songs on repeat instead… I speak specifically about the morning show, which was tripe.

      1. Yeah, Ok

        Cathal Funge is an excellent presenter. Nothing could compare to his show in the morning.

        Such a refreshing relief from the ‘banter’ on every other show.

          1. Kevin Finnerty

            Agree with Clamps; presenters are great; know their music etc; but they’re chained to a playlist everyday just like every other radio station.

            Having said that, I think there’s room for station like this if it tried to attract a wider audience ie went nationwide as opposed to just Dublin; and catered for 35+ age group. Surely if there’s enough listenership to warrant Lyric FM and RnaG, there’s room for an ‘alternative’ music station also.

  2. Donger

    Sad times. The station was at its best when presenters given freedom to play and discuss the music they enjoyed. The safe and repetitive playlists during the prime time slots would make you scream. Hopefully something takes its place…..and fair play in fairness to John Grant, he seems like the decent sort

    1. Donger

      Does anybody know of an alternative alternative radio station? I’m on iradio so it doesn’t have to be dublin/irish.
      I’ve tried BBC Radio 6, xfm and triple J but none have ticked enough boxes

  3. medieval knievel

    there’s an old saying – a radio station earns its ratings by day and its reputation at night. unfortunately for TXFM, the ratings weren’t good enough.

    1. Yeah, Ok

      0.7% market share. It really makes you despair at the muck people WANT to listen to.
      iRadio and 2fm…shocking.

  4. Starina

    very sad about this. have been listening to 105.2 for 15 yrs now. i absolutely adored the evening shows, Transmission and Spiral Stairs, and Nadine O Regan’s excellent show, not to mention Cathal is the only morning presenter i’ve ever liked ever in history. and then there’s the two petes and janice….sniffle

  5. PJ Ryan

    I’m so sad that TXFM is finishing up, it has been a constant companion this last few years and has introduced me to stacks of great music. I only listened in the mornings, drive time, and the weekends but they were always lashing out great tunes you just don’t hear on other commercial stations. I have been flat out downloading TXFM playlists from spotify over the last few days to help ease the transition. Anyways best of luck to all of them

  6. De Kloot

    Very much like John Grant and the music he makes. Like him even more however for bringing Icelandic Ásgeir to my attention.

    1. De Kloot

      Oh, and a sad and fond farewell to TXFM. Was there from the early days of Spectrum FM and even gave a dig out from time to time as transmitters were moved from garden shed to garden shed in south Dublin…. There only really Radio 6 on the Beeb that’s worth listening to now…

  7. Boba Fettucine

    Phantom was good when it broadcast from a shed. As soon as they got a license they kicked for touch with their choice of music – Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Pixies and other Dad indie. They should’ve challenged their listeners rather thann endings them a slightly rockier diet than every other station. I’m amazed it survived this long.

      1. Boba Fettucine

        Speaking as a Dad who has been listening to The Pixies since Surfer Rosa came out I don’t really see the point of an ‘alternative’ station playing music that’s almost 30 years old and that everyone has in their collection anyway. Play something leftfield to engage the audience, rather than somatising them with golden oldies.

        1. Starina

          it was the endless tom petty/dylan/live beatles/travelling wilburies in the evenings that drove me round the bend, and probably helped destroy the ratings. they could play that but not new artists.

  8. Optimus Grime

    So sad to see TXFM go it makes me despair for the radio listening public who now seem to want a preview of the song ahead of the song. When did that become a thing? I know the world moves on but sometimes it’s not necessarily for the better

  9. Simon Hall

    Try By the orginal founder of Phanton Fm, aka TXFM. Its really good, very few Ads, good mix of music. Loved Phantom back in the day, but they got tied to playlists, obvously was getting money to play some new but utterly shite songs on repeat, and out of context…

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