Leaking Support



The latest Washington Post-ABC News Tracking Poll,

….Clinton and Trump receive similar support among fellow partisans, but Trump maintains an 18-point edge among political independents, significantly higher than Republicans have held in recent elections.

Looking deeper at that group over a seven-day stretch, 77 percent of independents who say they lean Democratic prefer Clinton while a similar 80 percent who lean Republican favor Trump.

But Trump holds a sizable 53-28 percent advantage among voters who say they don’t lean toward either party, a group that accounts for about 10 percent of likely voters.

Post-ABC Tracking Poll: Trump 46, Clinton 45, as Democratic enthusiasm dips (Washington Post)


cwlfnanweaa2wfyToday’s New York Post.

Hillary already planning her giant victory celebration (New York Post)





Today’s Boston Herald

Good times.



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37 thoughts on “Leaking Support

  1. Bob

    Meanwhile even more links appear between Putin and Trump, more allegations of previous corruption and tax fraud. But not mentioned on Broadsheet for some reason…

    1. munkifisht

      Yea, so weird that BS has become such a willing mouthpiece for proTrump propaganda. This site has well and truly jumped the shark.

      1. human

        Yea when an opinion is expressed that’s not the same as yours the whole site should just be shut down… cool maaaan

      2. Bob

        Especially why they’re pro-gay rights and abortion rights, and Trump is against both of those. Even if they made a statement to say “We don’t like Trump or Clinton, but we think Clinton is worse” then maybe people could get a grasp of the platform they stand on.

        1. Harry Molloy

          that is a good point, any pro life Irish politician is attacked and mocked on this site.

          why not the same for the Americans? it’s as if there’s an innate desire to fit the interment blogger stereotype of paranoia and obsession with American culture

        2. mildred st. meadowlark

          You know, considering how… awful Trump and Clinton both are, I can see why BS aren’t really taking a stance on either. They seem to dislike both equally (and they’d be right).

          Also, previous evidence has shown that BS like to mess with their humble readers heads. The ever-present, ever-irritating LJG being a fave example of mine.

          1. Bob

            I don’t know about that. Trump has by and large gotten off lightly, with only the major issues being posted about. Meanwhile, anything negative, no matter whether proven or hearsay, is posted about Clinton. Add to this the constant retweeting of Wikileaks, a pro-Trump, anti-human rights organisation, Broadsheet seems to be suffering cognitive dissonance.

          2. Kieran NYC

            “Also, previous evidence has shown that BS like to mess with their humble readers heads. The ever-present, ever-irritating LJG being a fave example of mine.”

            Yep. And it’s really incongruous next to their serious posts about important cases.

  2. human

    Its comes down to this, you either support Capitalism,freedom and prosperity or you support globalism,socialism and corruption.


    1. Bob

      No, you support Capitalism and someone who has experience in politics or you support Capitalism done badly and someone with no experience in politics.

      On every positive level, Clinton is the better decision, including if you genuinely were an anarchist.

      1. human

        Its precisely her ‘experience’ that disqualifies her….

        If you think its the anarchist position to support Hillary you are truly lost.

        1. Bob

          Her experience as a suucessful politician is what disqualifies her as a politician? Okay, that kind of explains why you also don’t understand what anarchism is.

        2. ahjayzis

          What about his experience?

          The kind of capitalism that sees large businesses flat out refuse to pay the little guy for work done / goods supplied.

          The kind where you go bankrupt over and over again, burning the little guy again, and still come out on top. Failure rewarded.

          The kind where you bet against the housing market and buy up foreclosures to make a quick buck and brag about the human misery making you coin.

          The kind where you can make a BILLION dollars in losses and that then translates into not having to pay any income tax for two decades, a flat out reward again for failure.

          He’s not a capitalist, he’s an oligarch.

        3. Turgenev

          If you think it’s the anarchist position to support any politician, you’re not an anarchist!

      2. :-Joe

        It’s not capatalism and it’s not a democracy.

        It’s a state-capatilist-like oligarchy.

        Just pick a team, red or blue and carry on deluded…


    2. Jess

      It doesn’t come down to anything like that at all.

      Describing Clinton as socialist is so dumb it doesn’t bare replying to.

      Saying that Trump represents Freedom? His vision of freedom is how much he gets to dominate other people. By loosening libel laws so he can sue people who say mean things with him, essentially destroying free speech and freedom of the press. By advocating war crimes such as invading and plundering oil from other countries.

      Yeah he’s a capitalist, the worst kind thereof. One that does not pay his employees and contractors, one that does not pay his fair share of tax and leaves that up to other less well off to pick up his slack. One that hires not on merit, but openly states he doesnt want black people doing his accounts, only jews.

      That’s not to mention the man’s complete ignorance of anything to do with administration or a single duty of what the American president does

    1. Bob

      Pity the world. The trend of extremists running for office will continue. Some will be Russian backed to destabalise the West (tin foil hat territory here, but let’s be honest, Putin would be a moron if he didn’t at least try to do that), and others will be on the “Make X great again!” buzz.

  3. senbob

    except it isnt.

    This is a national poll and whilst these polls are tightening its the swing state polls that matter. These polls show Clinton with favourable margins in the majority of states that matter.

    Trump needs to win at least 7 of the swing states. Whilst if Clinton wins only PA then its over. In fact she is odds on favorite to win.

    Only a nutter and bottomole would be for Trump in this cycle. The man will destroy the US economy. He thinks climate change is a hoax ffs1 He knows nothing about syria and ISIS. He will be a useful idiot for Putin. The only thing he cares about is his ego and everything else is second to that. Hes a fascist. Mark my words, god help us all if America goes down that route.

    Hillary has done some shady stuff but she has 40 years of public service behind.

    There is simply no comparison.

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