Rusted Never Sleeps



Galway micro-indie label Rusted Rail‘s tenth anniversary happened back in March, and the label is now taking the time to archive its trove of releases on Bandcamp, among other events to mark the occasion.

Writes label boss Keith Wallace (aka Loner Deluxe):

To mark the 10th anniversary of Rusted Rail (it celebrated its first decade back in March) I’ve been populating the Rusted Rail Bandcamp pages with the digital versions of the back catalogue.

While the physical versions of Rusted Rail releases are and always will be available from the label’s website, this is the first time much of the label’s catalogue been available in a non-analogue format.

So far there are releases from So Cow, Loner Deluxe, Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, Music For Dead Birds, Good Shepherd, Cubs, The Driftwood Manor, The Dovetail Consort and Phosphene on the Bandcamp page and I’ll be updating it weekly until petty much everything is on there.

It’s all part of the ongoing programme of looking back at 10 years of Rusted Rail, with production of a documentary covering the first decade of the label currently in production.


Streaming above is an early label release, Best Vacation Ever, the first full-length from Galway lo-fi pop man So Cow.

Rusted Rail

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