Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan  at Garda HQ, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 last night

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Assistant Garda Commissioner Michael O’Sullivan said: “We had a contingency plan yesterday, which we suspended at 7am this morning, in which we had a particular deployment of personnel throughout the country, and at no stage did martial law appear in the plan at all, nor was it necessary.”

He said he did not want to discuss the negotiations with the various associations as the process is still ongoing, but he welcomed last night’s developments.

“I simply want to reassure the public that the Garda was there yesterday, there today and will be there tomorrow to protect the communities,” he added.

Right so.

Martial law was never in strike contingency plan, says Assistant Commissioner (RTÉ)


13 thoughts on “Good To Know

  1. D'oh

    Do people really fear that without the Garda for a day we are going to go all Mad Max ?
    Let them strike.

  2. Boy M5

    Martial Law cannot be introduced without a Dáil vote. Were they going to recall the Dáil in the middle of the night?

    I bet Fine Gael would love that though. They love oppressing the proles.

  3. mamma roma

    i doubt anyone would notice the pigs going offline for a cupla of days, it’s not like you see them doing anything other than waddling about in their ill fitting uniforms chatting to their mates on their phones, sipping americanos. It’s always a bit of a day off.

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    Wot a loada poo, Noirin. There was no “plan” because there wasn’t going to be a strike – you fool no-one. Noirin will now receive a medal for valour (instead of being sacked for her treatment of the ‘whistle blowers’) back to normal – appearances and no substance.

  5. Sheik Yahbouti

    PS, I was looking forward to a couple of days when I wouldn’t have to queue behind a load of ample bottomed Garda chow hounds in order to buy me paper and me fags. (yes, I’m so old that I still buy a newspaper and ‘smook tabs ‘

  6. 15 cents

    the worst part of this is that she thinks she’s done something, and will probably be expecting praise. when in reality.. not having a plan, to a day of lawlessness, is incredibly lazy and irresponsible.

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