Call of Duty has been among the biggest-selling videogame franchises in history, racking up massive sales hits annually for the last decade.

Allowing bloodthirsty teenagers casual gamers to live out their basest gunplay fantasies  in a socially acceptable fashion compete online, while trash-talking endlessly over a headset being socially engaged, it seemed as though publishers Activision had found a licence to print money.

So, how about this year’s installment, then?

Infinite Warfare, just released on PC and home consoles, starring Kit Harrington, Conor McGregor and Lewis Hamilton,In space!

Tom Philips of Eurogamer writes…

Launch sales of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were down 48.5 per cent compared to last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Both Infinite Warfare and Blops 3 launched on a similar Friday in November. Both games had a huge marketing push. But, for a number of reasons, Infinite Warfare sold only half as well.

Even accounting for the loss of last-gen platforms, Infinite Warfare’s sales were still down by 43.6 per cent, UK numbers company Chart-Track noted.

Well, surely it’s doing well on Steam, via PC, the natural home of first-person shooters…



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

16 thoughts on “On Deaf Ears

  1. DerpTruck

    CoD on PC has been trash…No dedicated servers, bad optimisation year on year…they on pander to the console gamers…

    It’s a joke tbh

  2. Anomanomanom

    Maybe the people who play this game, bought previous version, are just older now and don’t like the game. From what I’ve seen its mostly young gamers who play this.

  3. jc

    the COD platform has been bleeding peoples cash for the last number of years with regurgitated crap. im of the firm opinion that Battlefield 1’s focus of World War 1 has renewed peoples appeal in a different format i.e and older setting has migrated the previous players to the battefeield title.

    hence the drop in sales for COD

    1. Clampers Outside


      I’d add to that that while Battlefield has as you say, stuck to more traditional war settings, on earth…. this new Infinite Warfare is set in space and looks to be more of a Halo type sci-fi than an earth war game (for want of a better description) and that will lose players.

      I’ll still be giving both a go tho :)

    2. Mr Reality

      mw1,2, and 3 were brilliant all the rest were pure rubbish, this latest one looks fairly uninspiring tbh

  4. Markgdub

    Mid-term break is a week later this year so all the auld fellas like me with a family couldn’t take a “CODuvet Day” to get some serious noob hunting done.

    Expect sales to climb massively once the teacher strike is resolved.

  5. jeremy kyle

    That’s because the competition this year is fierce. A great year for shooters; Overwatch earlier in the year, BF1, GoW4 and Titanfall 2 just came out. I reckon adding decent campaigns will have made a big difference for BF and Titanfall. COD might need to be given a breather.

    1. Gers

      no its not that. This happens every year (the many releases) and it never affected COD launch sales. The reason here is the setting, people have had enough of the Futuristic stuff, we are practically in Halo territory here. But unless the sales profit actually is much less I also dont think ATVI will review its strategy with the yearly COD drop.

  6. Joe Cool

    Only when they stop releasing games that cost €80 quid and take a few days to complete, will they get sales back. The online content nonsense needs to stop

  7. Anomanomanom

    Am I the only person who hates first person shooters. Lets be honest the format has not really changed, graphics obviously have, since bloody duck hunt. Point gun, shoot, hit or miss, practice more and clear the game in a few days.

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