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Call of Duty has been among the biggest-selling videogame franchises in history, racking up massive sales hits annually for the last decade.

Allowing bloodthirsty teenagers casual gamers to live out their basest gunplay fantasies  in a socially acceptable fashion compete online, while trash-talking endlessly over a headset being socially engaged, it seemed as though publishers Activision had found a licence to print money.

So, how about this year’s installment, then?

Infinite Warfare, just released on PC and home consoles, starring Kit Harrington, Conor McGregor and Lewis Hamilton,In space!

Tom Philips of Eurogamer writes…

Launch sales of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were down 48.5 per cent compared to last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Both Infinite Warfare and Blops 3 launched on a similar Friday in November. Both games had a huge marketing push. But, for a number of reasons, Infinite Warfare sold only half as well.

Even accounting for the loss of last-gen platforms, Infinite Warfare’s sales were still down by 43.6 per cent, UK numbers company Chart-Track noted.

Well, surely it’s doing well on Steam, via PC, the natural home of first-person shooters…



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare