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Dublin-based live session series Press Record is expanding, and they need YOUR help.

Having recorded over ninety live performances and interviews since 2014, the group now looks toward continued sustainability.

Among initiatives to fundraise for new content are a compilation album of previous sessions, a lead-off single from the same, and the announcement of a Patreon crowdfunding campaign.

Writes 98FM’s John Barker:

Press Record #1 – featuring 11 of the most memorable live performances from the past 2 years. The proceeds from the album will support them in creating quality Press Record videos in the future and help promote more great Irish acts.

Press Record are releasing a new single from the album featuring the wonderfully talented O Emperor performing their song Trash Club live in-studio. The song is taken from the band’s EP ‘Lizard’ released in November 2015. Using this unique way of generating funding and released with the full support of the all the artists involved, the live album is available to purchase today for €10 with all proceeds going towards future Press Record videos.

The team has also started funding through a Patreon campaign which encourages fans and supporters of their videos to subscribe a small amount of money each month.

Streaming above is the team’s latest live video, for funky nine-piece TooFools‘ single Torn, also released this morning.

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