A sample of the measured response to Donald Trump’s election in today’s Irish Times including (above) the perhaps soon-to-be-infamous Crucifixion editorial.

Mac writes:

‘They know not what they do?’ Jesus Christ. They’re quoting Jesus Christ.


Irish Times


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69 thoughts on “Steady On

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Tell you what lads – as I have often said, I’m a member of the older generation, a generation which once took notice of The Irish Times (by reason of the excellent Journalists they then employed). What is the likes of me to think of the current IT?

      1. classter

        The IT is still good although patchy.

        You may not agree with this editorial but none of the opinions expressed above are not very controversial

  1. AdvertisingOnPoliceCars

    Good enough for them,, Hillary an arrogant and vile woman, and Trump although a moron, became the focus for the angry pissed off voters that had nothing to lose. America has now formalised the dysfunction that permeates through their society. And to all of those US libtards ” we will move to Canada”, guess what , Canada does not want you, it is a sovereign country that has immigration laws, you cant just saunter in with your guns and sense of entitlement.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        I think you’re correct in that, Ivan. Relatives of mine have lived in Canada for over fifty years. They assure me that Canada is a very civilised country in their experience. I have no reason to doubt them, even though I chose to tough it out here – more gobsh!te me.

        1. louislefronde

          Speaking as a French-Canadian, I can concur. But….we also have our fair share of Christian conservative headbangers and Trumpsters.

          That said….Hilary Clinton? Seriously, would you in your heart have voted for her? She reminds me of the cow I once had for a boss.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      “Libtards” you show yourself up for the utter gobsh!te that you are. Why not have an occasional bout of actual thinking? It would do you the world of good, assuming you have the capacity to take this advice.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Ladies and Gents, lest you think that your Sheik has lost the plot altogether, may I point out that the comment of mine above was in reply to a comment which seems to have vanished, and is in no way related to the remarks of Mr. Lefronde.

        1. Louis Lefronde

          No offence taken, the expression ‘Libtards’ is interesting, but Clitoratti is better to aptly describe the full-on offensive and intolerantly liberal Clinton supporters.

        1. Neilo

          Studying The Merchant Of Venice at fifteen – you’ll be astounded to learn that I sided with Shylock – has its advantages.

          1. Dόn Pídgéόní

            I can remember Shakespeare from 20 years ago, can’t remember where my keys were this morning…

          2. Neilo

            I wish it were only two decades since I studied the Bard, Don. In re keys, I may have to start wearing mine on a necklace in the Frank Butcher stylee.

    1. Whatever

      Yep, commented on that in another thread. Don’t seem to remember Colette banging the drum for the likes of Sarah Palin or Margaret Thatcher, women who (as unpalatable as they are) did it all on their own and not because of riding the coat-tails of their husbands. Colette seems to think Hillary lost by virtue of having a vagina.

      You can almost see the Chai Latte’s being spewed across keyboards and into other snowflake’s safe spaces.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            And here was me thinking I’d be the only one on Broadsheet not to be contradicted by you today Clamps! :)

    2. louislefronde

      Does anyone take Independent Journalists seriously, other than other Independent Journalists……

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        No – not a single soul with two brain cells to rub together. Although, of course, I await with baited breath Mr. Barry Egan’s hot news every week :-D

  2. Junkface

    They don’t know what they’re doing. A huge portion of America are willfully ignorant of everything, barely read, believe cooky talk show right wing conspiracy nutjobs, who in turn are taking cash from lobbyists. This whole thing about Hilary being satan and a murderer is so ridiculous, and they call her a liar!? Trump based his whole campaign on lying, rumours, hearsay, half of America (people from big cities) and the rest of the world are standing there scratching their heads wondering are they all insane or morons? The answer is both.

    We can all agree that the western political system is failing the middle class everywhere! Especially the youth with regards to weath gaps, thats why Bernie Sanders got such a following, but someone like Trump denies Climate change and is going to f*** up the Worlds health if we don’t stop him!

  3. The Lady Vanishes

    Is this the official Opus response as decided at the Cleraun Media Conference?

    Looking forward to a Broadsheet Opus Dei investigation soon. If you guys were ever to attend Cleraun, I’d never click on your site again.

  4. wearnicehats

    I’ve spent a great deal of time listening to reliable and informed commentators on this on various news channels, most of whom are American. The concensus is that Trump is a chameleon who can and will morph into whatever he needs to be. He’ll deal with whoever will give America the best deal. He also doesn’t care.

    I actually have more faith now in the post-election president that the pre-election caricature. Much more than Clinton who scares me much more than Trump. Sure, we’ll have some great Duke of Edinburgh-esque moments ahead but I don’t see any problem at all with putting your own country’s interests ahead of all those hanging on to your coat-tails.

    Why shouldn’t America put themselves first for a change? The UK just did. Irish politicians have always looked after themselves. Personally I would just LOVE Trump to tell all the Irish politicians to get lost on 17th March 2017. I’m not sure I’d want to be an illegal Irish citizen over there now though but, if Trump decides to look after his own, then why should the Oirish be treated any differently

  5. Termagant

    “How dare white women vote based on their own reasoning instead of voting for the person who looks most similar to themselves” is my favourite diatribe so far.

  6. Eoin

    It’s a shame Bernie mentioned he planned to clean up Wall St. That cost him the nomination. It’d be president Bernie now if the shills hadn’t gone for the worst establishment candidate possible. Also, Hillary and Obama took out Libya and opened the floodgates to migrants entering Euroland. Which resulted in Brexit and possibly even influenced the Trump win. So. You gotta blame Hillary for both Brexit and Trump and her own failure.

    1. Junkface

      Thats an over simplification. There’s a lot more factors to it than that. I believe Bush and Cheney started this whole lets completely F*** up the Middle East for uncle sam operation. Remember? After 911?

      Christ! Do people have such short memories now?

      1. Termagant

        Fupping up the Secular Middle East for the Saudis didn’t start after 9/11, it just escalated. But all the same, Hillary and Barack could have handled Libya a lot better and not touched Syria at all, they chose to go in hard and blind and fupp everyone to death with their giant foreign-policy penis. You can hardly blame Bush for the current immigrant crisis, there were thousands of Iraqi refugees living happy, established lives in Syria before Hillary got the message to shut the country down.

        1. Junkface

          Are you serious? Assad shut his own country Syria down after the badly named “Arab Spring”. He started killing and jailing protesters long before USA got involved. Don’t forget about Russia too.
          Yes the Saudis are the religious lunatics of the area, they poisoned modern Islam by reprinting a more aggressive version of the Koran for Sunni muslims, and flooded the world with it. Since the 90’s they have sent Islam back to the Dark ages, where they like it.

          1. Termagant

            Without US backing there would have been no civil war. Sure, it would have been a bad time, dissidents would have been imprisoned or killed, but it would have lasted a few weeks and then Syrians could have gone back to living their lives.
            There would have been no migrant crisis.

          2. Louis Lefronde

            Don’t forget the Saudis pumped a huge amount of money into Hilary’s campaign and…..lost. The House of Saud is vile

    1. Bob

      It’s funny how it’s always the liberals fault. It’s never the ones who are responsible, no the liberals got in there and messed it up. But who are the liberals? Oh, they’re the ones with a different opinion to me.

      1. Termagant

        The liberals are generally speaking the people with liberal beliefs, Bob. That’s a handy rule-of-thumb for you there.

  7. louislefronde

    I wasn’t surprised by the Trumpster Insurgency and that it centres on the neglected wasteland of the Rust Belt (Trumpistan) The Democrats had it coming, and Bernie Sanders put it up to the DNC, but they had already rigged the primaries for Clinton, a candidate that was never going to appeal to small town USA.

  8. Mahoney

    We Irish are right to pontificate to other nation political processes, after all, our current government is the Ideal other countries should follow.

    1. Junkface

      The US election affects the entire planet you twit! Especially when they are one of the worst polluters. Not to mention economics, wars, nukes etc

      The irish Government are a total sham yes, but we are a tiny insignificant island

      1. Mahoney

        nothing like using a really nasty slur against disabled people in your online ad-hominem response, you’re a credit to your kind

  9. Neilo

    Why, we perfected the template of improvised public administration that’s the envy of the most advanced nations on the earth!

  10. Sheik Yahbouti

    Dat’s why they all clamour for a bowl of Shamrock on St; Patrick’s day, like wot the US President gets – green with envy doesn’t even approach it.

  11. Owen C

    Has anyone actually looked at the actual polling data? Its not the stupid racist deep south that won it for Trump. It was white middle class. Primarily in the de-industrialised Rust Belt of Ohio, Michican, Iowa, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The issues up there were the economy and terrorism, not immigration. It was people against free trade and Wall St, who previously voted for Obama. I know this narrative doesn’t fit with the “hateful middle finger” which makes us all feel better about ourselves, but there is a genuine economic and social issue in certain parts of America which has been chronically overlooked by mainstream economics and politics for 20-30 years now.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Trump isn’t going to be the one to fix it though. Classic case of voting against their own interests.

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