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  1. stick your beak in my bag

    I’ll be out a job if the US nationals leave. I can’t see that happening though. Tax breaks aside, it is beneficial for most to have a presence in the EU

    1. Kieran NYC

      You’d be surprised how many people on here want all the US multinationals to leave and for you and hundreds of thousands to lose their jobs.

      Because self-sufficiency and protectionism has done so well for us in the past.

  2. :-Joe

    To be honest, whenever I’m dealing with dementia I usually resort to logic or a good aul’ kick up the ass if all else fails….

    Yogurt is not a weapon of choice even for the meek and the weak….


  3. Ting-Tong

    OirishToimes, if you have to keep using profanities, your point is lost – not that you had much of one to start with.

  4. mildred st. meadowlark

    Leonard is gone! First Bowie, then Prince, now Leonard…

    I think I’ll just be off now, someone wake me when the year is over, coz this is getting ridiculous.

    So long, Leonard. What a fantastic talent. A poet, and a truly wonderful musician. You’ll be missed, so much.

  5. SOQ

    Irish Times: Many US companies will leave Ireland for US

    There you have it folks. While you were all busy (incl. Broadsheet) regurgitating lies and slanted half truths about Hillary while getting tied up in intellectual knots about how this was not zero sum politics, you missed the most obvious self interest.

    And it will go further than tax breaks. A culture will emerge where companies who do not relocate back will be penalised by state contracts and they will be openly challenged as unpatriotic. Some may remain on minimum staff but once the full pressure is applied, thousands of good jobs will be lost here and the tax take will nosedive.

    And for once you cannot blame the liberals or the left for this. You who argued anti Hillary just cannot see any further than the end of your own reactionary noses.

    Not so much gloating now eh?

    1. Nigel

      I think instead of gloating there’ll be a lot of blaming liberals and progressives and SJWs and Hilary and Obama and Millennials and snowflakes for making them vote for or support Trump.

    2. ReproBertie

      Through out the campaign, when he wasn’t spouting his racist, isolationist rhetoric, Trump spoke about bringing jobs back to America. Of course his team are going to talk about US companies relocating now that he’s won. It doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen though.

      1. SOQ

        In a strange way I respect Trump’s stance. I don’t like him but he is far from stupid. He is about protectionism and bringing jobs home and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

        There is an assumption that all Multinational employment in Ireland is high skilled but it is not. Quite a bit of it is glorified factory lines. It could easily be moved and the only thing Ireland really has over US is availability of languages and they for obvious reasons are mainly not Irish people.

        In the nineties I worked for an American IT company in Dublin. They relocated the entire plant to Beijing in a space of four months. When it does happen, you will be surprised at how quickly because those plants are designed to be relocated. In some cases even the buildings are modular slabs.

    3. Dόn Pídgéόní

      They actually don’t give a crap. The funniest thing will be when BS starts posting Limerick of the day about the mad stuff happening in the US without the faintest hint of awareness.

    4. Sido

      Well there is that.
      Or maybe its the sort of crystal ball gazing of the “told you so” variety, that journalists like to go in for, so we don’t notice how remarkably wrong and stupid they were in the first place.
      They probably wrote this piece, from some dire article, they pinched from the Guardian on post Brexit doom scenarios. There’s heaps of them out there, and thankfully, a lot of them quite well written, expect more of the same.

      1. bisted

        …the ones I feel really sorry for are the people who believed all the rubbish they were writing…got the polling boxes closed, put the bubbly on ice and went off to bed…never believe your own sides press releases or it’ll be sour grapes…

        1. jusayinlike

          Yea the blatantly incorrect polls in the mainstream media that showed Hillary with a 4 point lead in the lead up I actually felt sorry for people who bought into it and started the party early with the bubbly, the clips of people crying wtf

    5. Billy Kremlin

      I totally agree and I am one of them poor saps. As I mentioned a few posts up on my desktop PC username, I think a lot of companies will start here as it’s beneficial for them to have a EU base. Particularly for inside sales. As of yet one has a tax rate that can beat us in the EU.

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