13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Washington

    1. Captain freegear

      Bodger said he would eat his hat if Hillary one; the opposite happened and people here are still whinging about it

      1. spudnick

        You’re winning an argument in your own head. The hat eating was supposed to happen if everybody here didn’t think HC was far worse than Trump by last Tuesday thanks to a new mysterious WIkileaks revelation that never materialised.

          1. dylad

            Dangerous: Not now and Time will tell.Seriously though, if you think Trump is alright (perhaps you don’t) you are a twit.

          2. Twunt

            Indeed, she has a horrendous record of warmongering and kickbacks from arms deals with horrendous regimes.

            And no I do not endorse/support Trump, but if the choice is potential warmonger vs actual warmonger….?

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      You know what is going to be cool? When the British companies arrive to take over the buildings vacated by the Americans.

      Good times.

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